Trump Takes Bigotry to the Next Level in Tweet of Schumer and Pelosi


Not that we ever thought there was a bottom, but seeing Trump’s dark creative streak work to unleash his hatred and racist bigotry still surprises, even if it no longer shocks. Today he went deep, consumed with white-hot hatred for his “enemies” in politics, and enriched racism:

Yes, that is your president, and mine. I find it telling that such a tweet would have been an historic scandal within any other administration, and yet in this one, it’s just Monday. It is what we have come to expect, and what the deplorables demand. He’s “owning the libs,” because who else could have come up with something so profound, biting and comedic (to the Right)?

Reaction has been that what you would expect, outrage from normal people, and silence from Republican co-conspirators.

This is not all he’s done this morning. Trump said that Democrats would do away with the pre-existing conditions requirement within Obamacare, and that only Trump could save it. Of course, most people know that the Trump administration is actively seeking to have the entire law invalidated, including pre-existing conditions. I am not even going to post the mutilated corpse he put up earlier:

Oh, you wanted to see the lie?

But, he is still consumed with the impeachment proceedings, so just know that the Islamic Pelosi-Schumer texts were really expressions stemming from this:

How many times a day does he post the exact same tweet? I ask because damned if I’m going back to count all of them.

Want some good news?

We are on the brink of Obama winning one more prize that will leave Trump simmering in his spiced jealousy juices:


Holy shit! Can you imagine Obama walking down and giving his acceptance speech at the Oscars? Wonder who he might call out? Damn, that might well be one night in which more people would be watching than the State of the Union. Obama could dance on the stage with his Oscar and point at the camera, and say, “Owned, mother fffff …”

So, there. Have some good news. And don’t say I never gave you guys anything.


Peace, y’all

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3 Comments on "Trump Takes Bigotry to the Next Level in Tweet of Schumer and Pelosi"

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Well, I wonder how the religious right looks at this. Open and blatant racism! But they did let slide get that sonofabitch off the field. I say, get that sonofabitch out of my dam White House!


I hope that Obama does win an Oscar. Man I would pay to see that. That would be the cherry on the sundae. The cats whiskers, the bees knees you get it. I know many of us would love to see that happen.!!!


The evil puppet master’s absolutely don’t care about name calling. And they don’t care what their puppet says. It’s all just noise to them. Their busy with all their ultimate goals.