Screencapture, CBS This Morning / YouTube Tayler Ragg...
Screencapture, CBS This Morning / YouTube

An awful individual named Tayler Ragg got a swift kick by karma after reporting an undocumented classmate and calling others to do the same on social media. Ragg got kicked out of school, according to the Tab. 

If anyone tries to tell you karma isn’t real, tell them the story of Taylor Ragg, the Trump-supporting dipshit who tried to get an undocumented student at his school deported, and was then himself expelled.

The ex-Transylvania University student had posted a screenshot of an undocumented classmate’s Facebook with the words: “Everyone go report this illegal at my school.”

He has since deleted his account and been kicked out of his college.

The young woman he targeted, Paola Garcia, was the target of hateful harassment and threats online thanks to Ragg. But she shares in a video that she fought back against the hate—by exposing the hateful messages and reporting them to the school.

The girl he harassed, Paola Garcia, has made a video describing what she went through. She was sent abusive messages like, “I can’t wait till your f****** c*** ass is gone,” “You and your n***** boyfriend need to leave” and “Hope you enjoy your visit back to the dirt floors of your homeland, stinky ass.”

At the time she posted the video, administrators said they couldn’t do anything about the posts, but it looks like they changed their minds. The Grio reports a spokesperson from Transylvania University confirmed that he is no longer a student.

I’m not sure if he learned his lesson and I am sure he will go to another college and eventually get his degree. However, I am glad there were clear consequences for his awful behavior.

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