Trump supporter caught on video shouting ‘Respect our laws’ arrested for identity theft

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The founder of an Arizona-based anti-immigration group has been arrested on suspicion of identity theft. Ironically, this is a charge frequently used to detain and charge undocumented immigrants. To add to the karmic quality of irony, the woman arrested, Jennifer M. Harrison, is someone you might have seen in a viral video, lambasting people for not respecting our laws.

In August, at a Tucson City Council meeting in Arizona, two MAGA-hat-wearing dunderheads stood up to protest the council’s vote to include a sanctuary city measure on the November ballot. Holding up signs that read “RESPECT OuR LAWS or we will deport You,” they were booed out of the room. A video of the incident went viral after it appeared online, but not so much because of the two protestors as because of an unidentified man in a lime-green shirt, sitting in front of the two, who laughed heartily at the two as they shuffled out of the room.

The Arizona Republic reports that Harrison was booked on Oct. 24 on “one count of taking the identity of another, a Class 4 felony.” Harrison allegedly stole an elderly person’s hotel points—without their knowledge—to book a room for a music festival in September. According to a court document, “Jennifer created a scene at the PD (police department) and in the booking room because she believes she is above the law and does not want to be treated like a criminal.”

And there’s more. Reporter Jerod MacDonald-Evoy retweeted a series of photos that Ms. Harrison herself posted, showing her and what appears to be the same guy she was with in August sporting Reporters Without Borders press credentials at a Trump rally in October. Reporters Without Borders responded that they were not affiliated with Harrison and did not know how she came to possess the credentials. Harrison seems to have promptly deleted the tweet, but not before MacDonald-Evoy screenshot it for the world. Please, take a seat, and welcome to Ironic Theater.

When you wear a MAGA hat, law and order is not what you are aspiring to.

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