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Over the weekend, a Trump supporter in Washington, D.C. was arrested after attacking three different people who weren’t fans of his bright red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. I guess he isn’t a fan of free speech. DCist writes:

A woman and two men told police that 32-year-old Louis Travieso, of Riverview Florida, attacked them outside of a restaurant on New Hampshire Avenue around 6:30 p.m., according a report from the Metropolitan Police Department. Multiple witnesses also told police that Travieso initiated the brawl.

“We were all bleeding,” the woman told NBC4. “When the police came to the scene, it was very obvious. They immediately placed him in handcuffs. There was there no question. My nose had blood coming out of it.”

She said that her husband and friend were the other two victims and they both had black eyes. She said the Florida man also tore her husband’s ear.

This is ridiculously vicious. It isn’t like Washington, D.C. is a conservative haven—did Travieso really not expect to run into anti-Trump folk? Or perhaps he wore the hat just so he could attack some innocent people who dared to bring intelligence into their politics. 

The police flagged the attacks as hate crimes “based on anti-political motivation.” Travieso’s next court date is in September. I wonder if he’ll get a worse punishment than the woman who was arrested for briefly laughing during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.

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