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Corey Stewart won the VA primary last night, setting up a run contesting Tim Kaine’s senate seat. In that respect, it is unsurprising to see Trump tweet his support for Stewart. On the other hand, it’s no longer surprising to see Trump support someone long-associated with white supremacists, which is exactly what Stewart has long been known to be.

Stewart has called Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen his “personal hero.” Nehlen’s campaign has posted anti-Semitic memes, tweeted out a list of Jewish journalists, and promoted a book by neo-Nazi Kevin MacDonald.

According to The Daily Beast, Sen. Kaine’s spokesperson called Stewart a “cruder imitation of Donald Trump who stokes white supremacy and brags about being ‘ruthless and vicious.’”

You know that a person is “way out there, racist” when he is too racist for the National Senate Republican Committee to say anything positive about. According to the above-linked Daily Beast story, Chairman Corey Gardner stated:

We have a big map, right now we are focused on Florida, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana,” Gardner told CNN’s Manu Raju. “I don’t see Virginia in it.”


But, that didn’t stop Donald Trump from tweeting his support. No surprise, we have had an avowed white supremacist as president for a year and a half now, he’s just gotten bolder.

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