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If there’s one thing that Donald Trump does exceedingly well, it’s to make a total ass of himself without having the self-awareness to know that he’s doing it. Trump embarrasses himself nearly every day with comments that demonstrate either his flagrant ignorance or his brutish and abusive hostility or both. In his narcissistic delusion he believes that everyone of his critics is part of a conspiracy to destroy him. But in reality, no one does a better job of that than Trump himself.

Case in point: On Monday night Trump posted a video tweet that contains so many of the elements of his psychopathy. But it must be seen to be believed. It features his former friend and staffer, Anthony Scaramucci with this comment: “Nobody ever heard of this dope until he met me. He only lasted 11 days!”

Okay then, let’s take a moment to break this juicy morsel down. And let’s begin with the fact that the video, a compilation of repeated instances of Scaramucci saying flattering things about Trump, is a work of pure idiocy. Why? Because Trump is replaying these tributes right after calling Scaramucci a “dope.” He’s apparently pointing out what a fool Scaramucci is for having said all those nice things. Which is actually a pretty good point. Now, of course, the Mooch says Trump is “crazy, narcissistic,” and “unfit” to serve as president. But Trump didn’t have any video of that.

As for Scaramucci’s notoriety, lots of people had heard of him. Prior to his doomed association with Trump, he was the founder of an international investment banking firm and a frequent guest on Fox News. Trump obviously heard of him, from watching Fox News, of course. That’s where he finds most of his pitifully incompetent staff.

Trump hired Scaramucci as his Communications Director, one of the most important White House jobs, and one of the closest to the President. He was Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ boss. And while Trump often says that he hires “the best people,” this one, as Trump noted, only lasted eleven days. Now Trump says he was an “unstable nut job” who he “barely knew” So you have to wonder if that’s how Trump staffs his entire administration. The record sure suggests that, considering all the people that Trump has hired and later said were incompetent. For instance:


    • His personal attorney, Michael Cohen
    • His campaign chairman and White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon
    • Senior Advisor, Omarosa Manigault Newman
    • Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell
    • Attorney General, Jeff Sessions
    • Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson


    See the pattern? And now it’s Scaramucci’s turn to bask in the white hot glow of Trump’s wrath. But one of the most delicious ironies of this is that the reason the Mooch only lasted eleven days was because he was caught on tape acting like Trump – an angry, profane bully. Now that he’s become a prominent critic of Trump, the President is doing what he’s done every other time this has happened. Which is to lash out viciously and pretend you never met the guy.

    This time, however, Trump thought it would be cool to show Scaramucci praising him over and over again, and then calling him a dope. Which can only be interpreted as Trump saying that Scaramucci is dope because he praised Trump. Can anyone disagree with that?

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    1. There is a man in the office called trump who is demented, we all know his father had alzheimers,so I think he is there.We can’t let this madman lead our nation. He now thinks he is king of Israel and will bring China to it”s knees.
      He wants to buy Iceland, next he might sell New York and Calif.to make the deal. What is next for us world War three ,us against the entire world. If that happens there will be either a mass migration or a total rebellion for us to survive.
      What happened to a great happy life, no instead HATRED now is the word for today,
      We watched baseball and had picnics as a family and friends now we have guns, bars on our windows and kicking out people who wish to have a good freedom of life, God help anyone who would be in their predicament fear for their life.
      Now over billions of voter here will be nothing, because electoral vote will predict the outcome. 500 people will determine who will head our country not the billion voters of the citizens of United states . VERY VERY SAD, for that baby coward called trump to lead this great country to total ruin as he did with seven bankruptcies his fame in the world.


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