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The sitting president of the United States is out of his mind. In an interview with the Daily Caller, he was reduced to ranting like a talk radio caller: you can practically hear the tinfoil crackling on his head as he adds a third and fourth layer.

If the military hasn’t hidden the nuclear football from him already, they’re going to want to do that immediately, because the sitting “president” is insisting, with no evidence whatsoever, that mysterious somebodies have been adding votes willy-nilly as the counting goes on.

Trump went on to say they should’ve called Florida during the evening of the election. “Well, many votes were added to that, and, you know what’s going on. And now they have mixed them up. They mixed the votes up and now you can’t find the ones that were put in, they just put ’em in to a batch.”

If that isn’t good enough, he’s got a completely different conspiracy theory for you: Bands of roving clothes-changers were voting over and over again. Why? Because he says so, that’s why!

The Republicans don’t win and that’s because of potentially illegal votes,” Trump complained. “When people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles. Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.”

And what of voter ID requirements? No worries, they … come in cereal boxes now?

“If you buy a box of cereal — you have a voter ID,” Trump continued. “They try to shame everybody by calling them racist, or calling them something, anything they can think of, when you say you want voter ID. But voter ID is a very important thing.”

So then: he’s unraveling completely.

He’s not just holed up in the White House, refusing to visit veterans cemeteries or visiting world leaders. Now he’s giving interviews that consist of strings of inexplicable conspiracy theories all woven together. This may be the end, the last spittle-flecked statements before Mike Pence and the cabinet stuff him into a burlap sack and secretly cart him off to a mental hospital.

This is a sitting president ranting and raving, not some Steve Bannon-lookalike nut perched atop a corner garbage can shouting at passersby. He controls, at least in theory, our military forces. And he’s clearly losing his mind.

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  1. The man is clearly unhinged not that he was very tightly wrapped to begin with. I don’t know how the most ardent Trumpian could even believe this nonsense. With 3-4 hr. lines in many precincts does he really think they wait that long to vote, change clothes, & wait again? Idiot.


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