This is what was going around Twitter a few hours ago.

This photo, coupled with the fact that Trump was in silent running mode on Twitter for 17 hours, after his spectacular holiday meltdown, got the the rumor mill rumbling, and it’s now confirmed that Trump is in Iraq.

Roll Call:

Amid a government shutdown and multiple crises at home, President Donald Trump slid out of the White House early Wednesday morning for a holiday season trip to visit troops in Iraq.

Trump faced bipartisan criticism for not visiting any U.S. forces deployed in combat zones since he took office in January 2017. There were rumors last week that he might travel to Iraq or Afghanistan during what had been planned as a 16-day holiday season vacation at his South Florida resort, but White Houses, for security reasons, keep such trips under wraps.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed the trip in a tweet, writing the Trumps made the lengthy journey to “visit with our troops and Senior Military leadership to thank them for their service, their success, and their sacrifice and to wish them a Merry Christmas.”

The trip came one day after Trump appeared before cameras in the Oval Office making Christmas Day calls to deployed troops, and two days after a daylong series of tweets attacking Democrats, the Federal Reserve and political enemies that the Washington Post described in a news article as a “storm of Yuletide gloom.

Trump  had ostensibly been avoiding visiting troops because he was afraid for his own safety. Maybe somebody on Fox suggested that he man up and make the visit? That makes a lot more sense than Trump growing a conscience.

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  1. Ann Coulter probably called him a weenie as she shapes foreign policy so he slunk over there for about 15 min. just to show her.


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