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Snowflakes melt in the rain, apparently.

Don’t misinterpret this, haters. It’s not that he doesn’t know how to use an umbrella (which he doesn’t, apparently), or even that his bone spurs were acting up due to low barometric pressure.

It’s that if he can’t arrive in his helicopter, he’s not even going to bother.

From the UK’s Independent:

Donald Trump‘s visit to a First World War cemetery was called off by the White House because of poor weather.

The US leader was set to visit the Aisne-Marne American cemetery in the French village of Belleau – the site of a 1918 battle in which the Americans and French repelled German forces. More than 1,800 Americans died there.

The battle looms large in the history of the US Marine Corps.

Mr Trump was supposed to participate in a wreath-laying and a moment of silence at the site, but heavy rain prevented him from arriving via helicopter to the site, which is more than 50 miles east of the French capital.

That’s okay. Why should Trump visit a cemetery from some war he’s never even heard of? He’s got dozens of paranoid tweets to send out and even more hardworking, conscientious reporters to berate.

White House chief of staff John Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, his wife and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit instead.

Guess they’re not afraid of a slightly moist, 100-year-old war zone. Good to know someone has our backs.

“Yes, we can … stand in the rain for a few minutes.”


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  1. Sorry for this note, but the others officials from Great-Britain, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, did the entire program they were intended. The reason American Embassy Authorities told: ”It was not safe to have the President taking a flight to Bois Belleau (the location of the American Military Cemetary) considering the meteorological conditions (sorry for that, but the weather is awful today in Fance: raining heavily, and very, very windy). Just a awful nasty note: the British, Canadian, New-Zealand, Italian, Belgian delegations did exactly what was scheduled. All being taken in charge by the french aeronautic force, operating helicopters by Eurocopter. And everithing was safe, right in time. Donald Trump, and the american security forces, decided the president of United States could only fly an american helicopter. Well, many thanks for the free publicity: it seems the european helicopters by Eurocopter can fly whatever the weather is, and the american ones can’t. Good to know… Or, but I won’t ever (!!!???) think someting that silly, Donald Trump is more concerned by his hair brushing than the tribute he is supposed to pay to american soldiers killes during World War One ? The entire Europe is laughing out loud since this morning. Even if we are not concerned: after all, this is a strictly american problem : What are you supposed to think about such a leader ? Well, we’ve made our personnal idea about it…

  2. Andre Doare has it right! What if our military couldn’t operate in the rain or the wind? What if they couldn’t operate in the wind and sand of the middle east? Our president can’t even fly via another county’s helicopter because it might mess up his hair. What kind of an example is he for the troops?!?!

  3. I read that some went by motorcade. That was too long a drive for ol’ lard ass to endure. Let’s face it, Trump only went to France to get much needed advice from Putin. And Melania?? Why did we pay for her to go? Shopping on the Champs d’Elysee??

  4. WW1 soldiers endured and died from mustard gas attacks and many other chemicals. Commander’ n Chicken couldn’t endure a little rain. Shows you what he’s really made of. I’m a Veteran and I still can’t understand why any military veterans or active duty voted for this piece of SHIT as POTUS!

  5. I saw the Impostor president at the moving ceremony at the Arch this morning. He always has a look on his face like a petulant child or a hostage. He clearly hates every moment of his trips abroad (except for face time with his good buddy Vlad). He’s expected to act presidential & it disrupts his schedule of Fox & friends watching & hate tweeting about reporters & shuffling into the Oval office for his strenuous 4 hr. work day. He doesn’t understand History & what our troops have sacrificed for over a century for the peace we have today. He thumbs his nose at our allies & I’m appalled that our allies in Europe feel the need for their own military because they can’t count on us any more. He’s skipping the conference with our Allies as they discuss peace. He’s not interested in peace because he’s making $$ selling guns to the Saudi’s as they promote the genocide in Yemen. Remember when President Obama went abroad & gave speeches & was laughed at by the world? Yeah, I don’t remember that either. Everything trump touches turns to shit. It’s embarrassing.


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