Speculation is running rampant at this moment about Donald Trump agreeing to sign the stimulus bill which he has been avoiding signing since last Monday. The fact that he didn’t sign it by midnight Saturday has had the immediate effect of limiting the unemployment benefits that eligible Americans would have gained by one week. Losing a week’s pay is a big price tag, but maybe the MAGAts are okay with paying it to indulge the whims of their care-nothing orange god. Trump feels no shame having deprived those people, that much is certain.

In all events, the government will not shut down tomorrow and the best guesswork available at this time is that the chaos and expense of shutting down the government would have had a negative effect on the Georgia runoffs. Maybe. Nobody knows what Trump is ever really *thinking* because his mood swings dictate his actions more than anything. Washington Post:

Before Trump signaled that he would sign the bill after all, people close to the White House described a chaotic scene in which senior officials anxiously await the president’s next move. Republicans have expressed increasing concern that by refusing to sign the bill, Trump could hurt the party’s prospects in the Georgia Senate races on Jan. 5. If Republicans lose those two seats, Democrats would control the chamber.

On Sunday, Trump said he planned to travel to Georgia on Jan. 4 to help campaign for the two Republican candidates.

“Everybody in the White House is trying to figure out what’s in Trump’s head, if this is a bluff or if he’s going to carry this out. He’s been confronted with all the facts and evidence,” said one person briefed by several White House officials over the weekend, speaking on the condition of anonymity to reveal internal discussions. “Nobody knows what Trump is going to do. It’s a bizarre situation.”

Trump had his base all ginned up to expect some big bucks, $2,000 per person and then that fantasy figure got doubled to two series of checks of $2,000, for a whopping $4,000 per person, $8,000 per couple. Don’t think there weren’t a lot of True Believers drooling over that. There was a hot time in the old town the past couple of nights.

But as all dreams dissolve upon awakening, $600 checks will be sent out and the moral of this story is, you’re a fool if you believe anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is real. He’s just making it all up because that’s what he does. He’s a tabloid front pager and a reality TV actor. He has no more interest in actual governance or ability for same than a raccoon. But I don’t expect the 74 million dupes to understand that, mores the pity for us all.

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  1. After threatening to veto the bill, and pretty much promising $2000 checks to his base, getting that measly $600 check is going to piss a lot of people off. Add in the lost week of enhanced unemployment benefits and I think you’ll find it will still be a catastrophe for the Repugs in GA.

    tRump shows over and over what an absolute loser he is. He has caved before the Dems every time he goes up against their desires. He’s backed down from Pelosi and crew each time they’ve gone head to head. He goes into a confrontation thinking he’s the great and all powerful, and ends up owned by Pelosi and the Ds. He’s pathetic.


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