Trump Signs Executive Order Guaranteeing Governmental Transparency, No, Not ‘The Onion’


As I reported here months ago, Iron, the goddess of Irony, is dead. She said, “fuck it” and put her head in the oven. So, she’s not here to witness this latest brilliant expression in the ironic arts on the part of Donald Trump and his cabal of clowns. Also, Satire has called in sick and we frankly don’t know if she’s going to make it, either. Experts fear that if Trump isn’t out of office soon, Satire may be on the terminal list, and join Irony in Comedy Heaven. Farce is running a high fever, too. The Trump administration has worn her clear out.

If you take all the transparency in Trump’s administration, now, or what’s to come when this ridiculous order is signed, you can roll it up in a ball, stick it in a gnat’s navel, and still have room left over for Bill Barr’s and Rudy Guiliani’s ethics. The paper it’s written on and the sharpie used to sign it are worth more than the order itself.

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The fine print… its all in the fine print… transparent like the concrete in the border wall and Donald’s head…


Is this his way of telling a joke? I mean really if you believe that I’ve a big beautiful waterfall to sell you near Buffalo NY ,and has a great view of Canada!!!