Trump Shocked It’s Ukraine “Thing” that Lead to Impeachment

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 24: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order establishing regulatory reform officers and task forces in US agencies in the Oval Office of the White House on February 24, 2017 in Washington, DC. Earlier in the day, Trump stated he would cut 75 percent of regulations. (Photo by Olivier Douliery - Pool/Getty Images)

A really shocking admission tonight from a source inside the White House. Apparently Trump is bewildered that it was the Ukraine matter that led to his impeachment.

Wait, what?

“It’s the Ukraine thing that’s done it”?

What the fffffff, what the hell does that mean!!

Why don’t we strip ourselves of all political analysis and all the stuff we know about Trump and the facts and that. Let’s just apply normal adult understanding of such a statement.

Trump is “bewildered.” Which, all of us would agree means stunned, not comprehending it.

“That it was Ukraine that led to his impeachment.” Well, damn, that sounds like someone who may well have considered impeachment possible, maybe anticipated, at some point.

“Frankly” – the person’s being honest here, and perhaps a little embarrassed.

“He’s a little surprised it was the Ukraine thing that has done it.” That’s the killer quote here. It practically screams: “If you knew all the other shit out there you wouldn’t know how to spell Ukraine because you’d be picking your brain up off the floor.”

It hits even harder when you think about all those things we just kinda know, and then put that statement beside those things. It drills a pit in your stomach. One can’t help but take that statement as an admission that there is so much worse shit out there, such that Trump can’t believe it was  this little ole’ mistake, this little nothing burger, it’s this stupid shit that is going to loom throughout history as the base for impeachment.

That is stunning.

And so damn scary.

We end the day as we started it, with abject fear as to what Trump and the Republicans are doing behind the scenes to abuse the ever living hell out of the laws that are supposed to oversee this stuff.

That quote, what a quote. I hope it reverberates through the media for some time.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom



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The way the article reads is that old grumpfy thought it was coming sooner. I wonder why he might think that? It would seem like he thought it was coming. It doesn’t matter it’s happening now and well deserved