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The latest Homeland Security rider provides authorization for Trump to dispatch Secret Service agents to polling places throughout the country, setting-up the ideal conditions for voter intimidation and repression. The provision elicited outrage from secretaries of state throughout the country, including including Secretary of State William F. Galvin of Massachusetts, a Democrat, who noted that, not only could it result in voter intimidation, but; “This is worthy of a Third World country,” said Galvin in an interview. “I’m not going to tolerate people showing up to our polling places. I would not want to have federal agents showing up in largely Hispanic areas.”

Now, normally, the idea of the Secret Service showing up at polling places would not worry Hispanics any more than any other voting group. It is only the Secret Service under President Trump that would give Hispanics reason to worry, speaking volumes about our current president, and the status of the nation.

“There is no discernible need for federal secret service agents to intrude, at the direction of the president, who may also be a candidate in that election, into thousands of citadels where democracy is enshrined,” according to a letter opposing the provision that was signed by 19 bipartisan secretaries of state and elections commissioners. The letter — sent to the Senate’s majority leader, Mitch McConnell, and its minority leader, Charles Schumer, on Friday afternoon —requests that the Senate keep the Secret Service provision from the final legislation. The elections officials described the proposal as “unprecedented and shocking.” “This is an alarming proposal which raises the possibility that armed federal agents will be patrolling neighborhood precincts,” according to one letter obtained by the Boston Globe.

As he often does, Charlie Pierce summed up the idiocy succinctly.

Who in their right mind would give this vulgar talking yam this kind of power? The guy won’t protect the national elections from Russian ratfcking but he’s willing to send DHS into (selected) voting precincts just to be sure the figments of his inflamed and paranoid imagination aren’t stealing his rightful place among the giants of history? Please to be pulling the other one now. Bill Galvin did not arrive atop this morning’s lobster catch. He’d seen better scams than this one before he graduated from elementary school. And the Secret Service isn’t wild about this, either.

According to the Secret Service, the Secret Service mandate involves only protecting the president, vice-president and their families at polling places, not general policing. Pierce ends with a question we all should be asking:

Why doesn’t somebody just give him a uniform with lots of medals and a balcony to stand on, and let somebody sane run the country?

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