I was going through some news articles and came across a farm article. Since I was raised on a farm this is a subject that’s near and dear to me. Now the first article that piqued my interest involved Joe Biden. Now I thought to myself that I wouldn’t want to just get one article and be done. I will table Joe’s article for a minute here. Now I am sure everyone is aware of climate change. Now as you can imagine this might be troubling to farmers. They will need to adapt to this changing climate. By now, most of these farmers are aware of the changing atmosphere. Now while doing a little research I came across an article from Connecticut. Now I know there’s some agriculture in the northeast but I truly didn’t think you would find any in Connecticut. I figured country homes and yachts. But no, they have farming.

Now they are having trouble because with global warming you don’t get the cold winters anymore. Farmers like cold winters because that kills bugs and you have frozen ground and snow which takes a while to melt and helps the farm ground. Now they have warmer winters and rain instead of snow which takes a long time to dry out. Anyway not to get into farmer 101 but you should be able to see that these guys have problems.

I have said for a long time that farmers need to adopt sustainable practices on their farms. These boys up in Connecticut are finally seeing it. Who would have thought this?  Well, I did but I don’t count for much.

Now I think I will move on to what I have seen on Joe. It seems that some progressive groups out there want to shape the election. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. Now one of the things that saddens me is that when I grew up on our farm there was a little old dirt and oil road in front of our house. Everyone knew everyone. You had all kinds of mom and pop family farms been passed down through the family. Then kids started learning in school how they could make bigger crops by increased chemicals on the farm. This brought the need for larger tractors to use the new equipment which caused the tractor makers and other equipment to realize there’s money out there. This was the beginning of the end of small family farms. They just got priced out of the market. The tractors and combines just cost too much for a small farmer to pay for.

For awhile a lot of people could still live on the farm and maybe work for the guy farming their property. After awhile that kinda dried up too. Now you need to farm like two thousand acres to afford to live off farming. This also led to farmers wanting every last square inch of ground to farm. So they went out and cut down all the trees and bulldozed their property. That went alright for a couple of years. But we forget that Mother Nature is a hard woman. She came along with her wind and her rain and all the farmers’ good topsoil washed away. Now these farmers are asking what do we do? Well, the professors came along and said you need to practice sustainability. They were like, “Anything. Just get our crops back. We need them to feed our livestock”.

I haven’t delved into the livestock problems yet. So now we have livestock and we have grain. So now we have two problems. And this is sorta where Joe Biden comes in. These farmers need help. You still have small farmers if you can call two to five thousand or more acres small. And you have another problem now. Big business has found out there is a lot of money floating around and they have got into the act. It started out west, with the ranchers and now dairy and other sundry applications. This has become a big voting block. These farmers are fighting for their lives. Trump came along and blew smoke up their asses and convinced them he could walk on water and if they would just vote for him, their problems would be over!  And the cow jumped over the moon.

And since any fifth-grader could probably tell you that ain’t going to happen. So old Donnie got into office. Now, being the great deal maker, he promptly tore up all our trade agreements because nobody makes deals like Donnie. Now guess what?! Somewhere back in the seventies (I think but can’t recall for sure) we all paid tariffs on imported goods. Made sense to buy American. So Donnie decided this was the perfect incentive. Only it would have helped if Donnie would have gone to school instead of paying someone to go for him!! Well, considering Trump’s mental capacity that’s probably wishful thinking.

So, now we have tariffs and the farmers have crops rotting in the field. Hell, some companies made out alright because they came up with ways to store crops in bulk and still be good if the farmer found someone to buy them. And this would be a good time to throw this in. The farmers had a deal with ethanol that the government would pay to subsidize ethanol. Well, the gas companies told Donnie that this was just a pain in the ass for them so Trump said, “No problem. I will stop it immediately”. And he did. And he screwed the farmers.  Again.

Yeah, Trump is an equal opportunity screwer. And through all this the farmers were taking it on the chin because Donnie is smart and he knows what he’s doing. Boy, were they in for a rude awakening!!

I think the second year, Trump got the bright idea he would save the farmers.  Anyway, he allocated billions of dollars to help the farmers. And this goes back to before. Big business. Now this money was supposed to go to the regular Joe. The big corporations weren’t supposed to get any of this money. Well, through some loopholes the Republicans set up corporations and scored big time and most of the regular guys didn’t get enough to go to McDonald’s. This is what progressives want to fix. And if they would stick to that they would get what they want. But they wouldn’t be progressives. They want to change the world in one election.

But after all this, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you just how good Donnie is at making deals. Well as I said, the big corporations weren’t supposed to get any bailout money. Ok, in the first place Donnie handed two brothers 62 million dollars. Real brothers, they own very large meatpacking companies. You know the COVID hellholes that we’re in all the news?  I know, I know, meatpackers would be large corporations. I believe they are the second largest in America. But Trump takes care of his friends. Now comes the true irony. These brothers are from Brazil. Now isn’t that nice? Trump taking care of immigrants. Of course, they are rich ones. Now if we go back to China since Trump pissed in their Wheaties, they decided to find new markets. The Brazilian people cutting down their rainforests they suddenly have an excess amount of grain and meat. This pleases both sides so much. Of course, we Americans are getting screwed royally. Which brings us back to Donnie and his deal-making. You remember there are two Brazilian brothers that got sixty-two million dollars for farm subsidies? They are probably the largest meat producers in Brazil. So the way it works, they get sixty-two million and are one of China’s new meat suppliers. Isn’t that Donnie something. And everyone thought he wouldn’t amount to anything.

He keeps making deals like that and we will be a developing third world country.


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