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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The US, UK and France bombed three government sites last night in response to a suspected deadly chemical attack on the town of Douma last week.  The attacks targeted what they said were chemical weapons facilities.  This morning, the Moron-in-Chief didn’t waste any time in congratulating himself and others for the “perfectly executed” mission, which is now “accomplished” and “could not have had a better result.”

Why does everything sound like Donald Trump is running a reality show where successes that have repercussions his little brain can’t even comprehend?

Shortly after this, he goes on to say that the military is the finest the US has ever had, well…it WILL be the finest military, he clarifies, after the $700 billion dollar budget that he signed in December 2017 is injected into it.

As usual, everything is coming up roses, thanks to Donald himself.  He better hope that  Putin’s condemnation of the strikes “in the most serious way” doesn’t lead to real action, since how will he reframe that to look like nothing could be better.

If this is a reality show, enough already,  I really want to change the channel!

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