Trump Says Joe Biden Will ‘Hurt God’ ‘Hurt the Bible’ In Unrestrained Delusional Rant In Ohio


Unhingery and Donald Trump are made for one another, like hot dogs and mustard. That said, today’s raving mania in Ohio was one that even he will find difficult to exceed. I mean, we are talking unalloyed, pure sterling batshit. It was only nine seconds, but it is one for a time capsule, lest anybody ever doubt that we really lived through this. People of the future are not going to believe these stories, and we don’t blame them.

He’s following the radical left agenda. Take away your guns. Destroy your Second Amendment. No religion! No anything! Hurt the Bible! Hurt God! He’s against God! He’s against guns! He’s against energy, our kind of energy. Uh, I don’t think he’s going to do too well in Ohio.

Now, when you’ve gotten back up off the floor and gotten a cold towel for your head, let’s examine this, shall we? First of all, Trump would have us believe that Uncle Joe has the power to “hurt God?” And “hurt the Bible?” The Bible has been around for 2,700 years and the oral traditions that it was based on go back even farther. And as to God, well, he’s God. But a septuagenarian from Scranton is going to take them both down? Seriously? One old white haired Irishman is going to “hurt” the Creator of the universe? Damn.

Oh, Lincoln Project, if we could only do a Vulcan mind meld and I could show you the pictures in my head of Joe Biden in a robe and sandals telling God how it’s going to be from here on out and thumping on a big Bible with a shillelagh. Maybe Biden will part the Potomac at his inauguration. Maybe he’ll turn Mitch McConnell into a pillar of salt, ya think? And turn all the elected Republican officials into a herd of pigs and drive them over a cliff? Oh, this is going to be fun, living in Joe Biden’s America!

And for those MAGAts who think that all they need to survive is beans, bullets, and Bibles, have we got some news for you. Joe Biden is going to make sure you have “no anything.” How do you like them applies? He’s going to “take away your guns” and “destroy your Second Amendment.” And with “no religion” there go the bullets and the Bibles and so you would be left with only beans, except Biden’s doctrine is “no anything.” So there.

And Joe Biden doesn’t like energy, at least not “our kind” of energy? What is that, now, windmills powered by MAGAt farts, because regular windmills kill birds and cause cancer?

I must say, this puts a whole new context to political opponents demonizing one another. Joe Biden as Lucifer. That’s one for the books.



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2 Comments on "Trump Says Joe Biden Will ‘Hurt God’ ‘Hurt the Bible’ In Unrestrained Delusional Rant In Ohio"

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Vice president Biden has more religious back ground and faith, than trump, who went to church the day he became president and has it seen inside a church since. He can’t read the bible, plus he shows the bible during the protest and it was up side down. He doesn’t believe in God, and to tell that BIDEN will take away religion is the biggest dumbest, and most stupid statement this obese idiot can say.

Hölle U.
Hölle U.

Biden, devout Catholic, will hurt God. But the man who embodies all 7 deadly sins is the safer choice? Uh huh. Well, that’s the dementia talking for you, bro.