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Standing on the White House lawn and screaming over the sound of the helicopter idling in the background, Donald Trump engaged in a prolonged attack on Robert Mueller, President Obama, John McCain, and “the worst people in the world.”

It’s clear that the 10 minutes that Mueller spent on stage Wednesday morning kicked Trump’s rage burner to a new level, as he actually spent longer shouting his responses and finding new insults to fling at the special counsel’s office than Mueller spent talking. In addition to calling Mueller a “true never-Trumper,” Trump lied repeatedly about Mueller wanting the job of FBI director. Trump insisted that Mueller “wanted the job badly,” came to Trump for the job, and “was told no” a day before he was selected as special counsel. Which Trump declared meant that Mueller “should never have been picked.” Trump also brought up the dispute over golf fees that caused Mueller to leave one of Trump’s clubs as a reason that Mueller was “conflicted.”

All of which will be great material for questioning when Robert Mueller appears before Congress. Especially since Steve Bannon has already testified that it was Trump who wanted Mueller brought in to solicit his advice on who should get the FBI director job.

While he was screaming, Trump disavowed that he had been the one to order hiding the name of the destroyer USS John McCain so he wouldn’t see it during his Japan visit—and then went on to blame McCain for the war in Iraq by saying that he had “forced” George W. Bush to launch that conflict. But Trump admitted that the name had been obscured by “someone who knew” that he hated McCain.

But Trump returned to Mueller repeatedly, refusing to agree that Mueller had acted honorably, but still insisting that Mueller had exonerated him. “With Bill Clinton, his special prosecutor, it was guilty, guilty, guilty … with me, he said essentially, you’re innocent.” Reporters attempted to point out that this wasn’t true, and that Muller believed he wasn’t allowed to bring charges. Trump sneered on.

And when someone brought up impeachment, Trump’s screaming reached a new pitch as he called it “a dirty, disgusting, filthy word.”

Donald Trump knows a lot about dirty, filthy, disgusting words—that much is recorded on tape and in court documents. But with those 17 minutes on the White House lawn, Trump made an excellent case for applying this particular “dirty word” immediately.

Trump lied about Mueller asking for the the FBI job. He lied about the results of the report. He called the investigators in the special counsel’s office “some of the worst people in the world.” And he declared that his effort to take down the whole Department of Justice and the FBI would be “one of my greatest achievements.” He lied about McCain. He lied about Russia and insisted that “Russia did not help me at all” and that, if anything, Russia helped Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s helipad rant was a direct response to Mueller, to the building momentum for impeachment, and to the way that William Barr’s wall of lies is beginning to crumble. And it was a powerful display of the need to keep up the pressure.

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    I’m sorry, tell me again WHO is a dirty, disgusting, filthy person???

  2. He is far beyond unhinged-he is a despicable human being and he hates all of us and this country….the only part that is unclear is how he has mesmerized the entire Republican Party and why they continue to inflict this serious threat on our democracy??? They have taken an oath of office and are not upholding those words…

  3. Trump should keep his dirty, filthy, mouth shut more.” BULLY” All he can do is call people names and put them down. People should do to him what he does to everybody that does not sing his tune. He is delusional maniac and he needs to be thrown out of the Oval Office soon. He sets no example of goodness in this country. He does everything what Putin tells him which we are not privy to. It is a shame.
    He is the sum of the earth. Go drown in your swamp.

      • Trump is destroying our diplomatic relations all over the world. So sorry. Our elections are not being done honestly. Hillary actually had more votes than Trump in our last election but we have this thing called the Electoral College that actually determines who becomes our President. We are trying to do away with the Electoral College and go by the most votes (popular votes). There is opportunity for election corruption by the way that the Electoral College is setup. By changing the voting boundaries for districts and voting areas they can change the outcome of an election. It’s corrupt.

  4. Here’s what POTUS Dump is doing a great job at:
    A Chronological List of Trump’s 8 Known Mistresses

    Stormy Daniels
    Karen McDougal
    Kara Young
    Allison Giannini
    Kylie Bax
    Rowanne Brewer Lane
    Gabriela Sabatini
    Marla Maples

    I guess you teach your family his great moral family values?
    Think about this
    Really think about this
    This not a video game
    This is your family
    What kind of values do you raise your children with? Do you raise them to be full of greed and envy with their nose stuck in the air conceited and delusional claiming to be the best at everything? Do you encourage them to lie all the time? Do you teach them not to help someone when they can? Do you encourage your spouse or children to go to brothels and have illicit sexual relations? Do you teach and accept these values in your family & children?
    If you don’t then why would you accept them in this President? Isn’t the President supposed to be a role model? Why do you accept the President going on TV name calling, cussing and bullying others? Is this what you teach your children?
    Do you want your children or grandchildren to sacrifice their lives in a war against China, Iran, Russia and North Korea for the sake of Trump’s vanity and greed? That’s where he’s taking you or haven’t you been paying attention? Our freedom and democracy is not being threatened. There will only be a war because Trump lacks self control and diplomacy. He thinks by threatening others that he gets what he wants. Politics and politicians use diplomacy not bullying. They compromise they don’t dictate. Dictators dictate. We are supposed to live in a democracy. Trump is a dictator. He ignores all the rules of democracy that our founding fathers established in the Constitution. He acts in total disregard to the Congress. I would call that treasonous.

    If they can impeach him and he’s no longer a sitting President, they can charge him with the crimes he’s committed or maybe you’re the kind of person that holds his great family values in high regard.

    Trump self evaluation check list
    7 Deadly Sins

    -Pride: is an excessive view of one’s self without regard for others.✔️✔️✔️

    -Lust: is a strong passion or longing, especially for sexual desires.✔️✔️✔️

    -Gluttony: is an excessive and ongoing eating of food or drink.✔️✔️

    -Greed: is an excessive pursuit of material goods.✔️✔️✔️

    -Sloth: an example, sloth is about a person not helping those in need, even though they would be able to.✔️✔️✔️

    -Wrath: is a strong anger and hate towards another person.✔️✔️✔️

    -Envy: is the intense desire to have an item that someone else possesses.✔️✔️

    If he lies about little things
    He will lie about big things
    Greedy people are only greedy for the best interest of themselves not for the best interest of others.

    Luke 16:10
    He that is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much: and he that is unrighteous in a very little is unrighteous also in much.

  5. Trump promised us that the advantages to his tax cuts for the wealthy would be passed along to us through them increasing more jobs, paying higher wages and reducing inflation. You believe him?
    Here are 17 U.S. companies that laid off large numbers of employees after taking Dump’s tax cuts:

    1. Pfizer
    2. AT&T
    3. General Motors
    4. Kimberly-Clark
    5. Comcast
    6. Harley-Davidson
    7. Walmart
    8. Citibank
    9. McDonald’s
    10. Hewlett-Packard
    11. Tenet Healthcare
    12. Carrier
    13. Tesla
    14. Microsoft
    15. Schneider Electric
    16. Coca Cola
    17. Dunkin’ Donuts

    Cheat Sheet was established in 1978, it’s a Human Rights Watch known for its accurate fact- finding.


    Store closings in 2018:
    Toys”R”Us — All stores. …
    Best Buy Mobile — All stores. …
    Claire’s – 92 stores (1%) …
    Sam’s Club — 63 stores (11%) …
    Abercrombie and Fitch — Another 60 stores (9%) …
    Winn-Dixie, Harveys and Bi-Lo — 94 stores (16%) …
    Foot Locker — 110 stores (3% of stores) …
    Sears and Kmart — 103 stores combined (11% of stores)
    Wet Seal — All stores (online still operating)
    hhgregg — All stores (online still operating)
    The Limited — All stores (online still operating)
    Bebe — All stores (online still operating)
    Radio Shack — 552 stores (93%)
    The Children’s Place — 300 stores (71%)
    BCBG Max Azria — 120 stores (50%)
    Crocs — 158 stores (28%)
    Gymboree — 350 stores (28%)
    Payless Shoes — 1,000 stores (25%)
    Teavana — 77 stores (20%)
    Macy’s — 100 stores (15%)
    Michael Kors — 100 stores (15%)
    JCPenney — 138 stores (14%)
    Gap and Banana Republic — 200 stores (10%)
    J.Crew — 50 stores (9%)
    Staples — 70 stores (4.5%)
    Gamestop — 150 stores (3%)
    CVS — 70 stores (0.7%)
    -Dress Barn just closed 650 stores.
    -In April, 2019 Fred’s said it had 557 stores in 13 states. After the 263 closures, representing 46% of the company, there will be 294 remaining locations.
    -Dollar Stores are closing 390 Stores.

  6. Here’s a list of some things so far that the Dump administration has done to make the U.S. a worse place for ordinary workers.

    1) Denied guaranteed overtime pay to 12.5 million workers, effectively transferring $1.2 billion from their paychecks to their bosses’ bank accounts.

    2) Proposed a rule allowing companies with less than 250 workers to cease reporting workplace injuries and illness statistics to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) — and removed a list of Americans killed in workplace accidents from OSHA’s home page.

    3) Refused to ban a pesticide that’s been linked to birth defects in the children of farmworkers, in defiance of EPA scientists’ advice.

    4) Asked the Supreme Court to uphold the right of employers to include forced arbitration clauses in contracts, thereby denying workers the capacity to press complaints against their bosses in open court.

    5) Tried to throw millions of working-poor people off of Medicaid, then, once that failed, deliberately engineered a spike in health-insurance premiums, out of sheer spite.

    6) Appointed one Supreme Court justice who had ruled that a trucker could be justly fired for abandoning his broken-down vehicle, instead of honoring his contractual obligation to freeze to death with his cargo, and nominated another who’d found that San Diego SeaWorld could not be held liable in the death of an employee who was killed by a killer whale. (The former pick ended up producing a landmark decision that gutted funding for public-sector unions, in defiance of decades-old precedent.)

    7) Repealed a rule that required retirement advisers to prioritize their clients’ financial interests over their own (thereby giving investment advisers permission to secretly gamble with aging workers’ savings).

    8) Repealed a rule that had required companies to inspect mines for safety hazards (such as loose pieces of rock that might crumble and fall as they work) before workers began their shifts.

    9) Proposed allowing hog-processing plants to run their lines at a speed greater than “1,100 hogs per hour,” a move that is all but certain to increase worker injuries.

    10) Appointed two attorneys — who had made careers representing management in disputes with workers — to the National Labor Relations Board. Those appointees proceeded to overturn a series of pro-labor decisions, including ones that had buttressed workers’ rights to organize unions without their employers’ unlawful interference; guaranteed the right of unions to bargain over changes in employment conditions; and required parent companies to bargain with unions employed at their franchise locations (that ruling was subsequently thrown out on conflict-of-interest grounds).

    11) Passed giant, regressive tax cuts that were written specifically to allow owners of capital to pay lower rates on their passive income than workers do on their hard-earned wages.

    12) Canceled a scheduled pay “increase” for federal workers that would have merely allowed their existing salaries to keep pace with inflation.

    13) Reduced oversight of abusive payday lenders and scam colleges.

    14) Proposed a rule that would allow restaurant owners to steal their workers’ tips, and hid a study showing that this could cost waiters and waitresses billions of dollars.

    15) Restored the right of serial labor-law violators to compete for government contracts.


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