The leader of the free world opined that his political opponent is controlled by unnamed powers of darkness — or at least people that live there and he specifically said, “dark shadows.” Whether he’s referring to the movie or the TV series, he didn’t specify, but a meme was born on Fox News tonight.

Donald Trump’s mind has left his body and is floating above a dark swamp somewhere, inhabited by fever dream beings and surveilled by black helicopters. He’s gone mentally. There’s no question. This is delusional and even Laura Ingraham said, “this sounds like conspiracy theory.” Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it. Trump is now officially too weird for a Fox News host. Or, maybe I should say, “again.” The look on Sean Hannity’s face the night that Trump said that Joe Biden “is gonna be your next president, because people don’t love me, maybe” was priceless.

People who live in the Dark Shadows. Why, that means vampires. The vampires are controlling Uncle Joe? Hey, I think that’s swell. Maybe he’ll appoint Barnabas Collins to a cabinet post.

And excuse me, where was the TSA when “thugs wearing all kinds of gear” got on a plane?

I wonder what the reaction to this is among Republican leadership? Hey, Mitch! Put the plug in the jug and looky here! Donald’s talking about thugs in black uniforms and Dark Shadows controlling Joe Biden!

Again, classic projection. The only thugs in the dark shadows controlling the streets are the ones he ordered to Portland to pick people up and put them into vans.

And I hate to keep bringing up the nuclear codes, but the guy who’s got them needs to be taken in on a 5150 because he’s a danger to himself and others.

This is the cartoon universe of a very mentally man, that the Republican party is committed to defending, enabling and most of all, preserving. If there was any real leadership in the party, it would be admitted that Trump is too sick to stay in office and he would be asked to resign. But that won’t happen, and we are where we are and so we’re going to run out the clock on this madness. Nobody enjoys mocking Trump’s idiocy more than me, but I have to say, he’s getting too far out there.

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  1. Don’t you know that every time he speaks of Joe Biden or the democrats, he is actually speaking of or about himself! Everything he claims that is happening to them is actually happening to tRUMP or the republicans… LISTEN TO EVERYTHING HE SAYS. IT IS ALL TRUE ABOUT HIM OR THE REPUBLICANS. THAT’S WHERE HE GETS IT FROM! …..ALL AS$HOLES SPEAK BACKWARDS!!!


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