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When it comes to pithy, on-the-point takedowns with a humorous bent, there’s no one like Borowitz to stick it to Trump — and his sycophant supporters.

I’m not normally in the habit of promoting other writers — especially those from well-established media companies like The New Yorker. But Andy Borowitz’s nearly daily digs at Trump and his minions are simply priceless. I wish I could be half as clever as this guy — and he does it over-and-over!

It’s worth the digital subscription — or even the free trial — just to get nuggets like these delivered to your inbox (each headline is linked; so there’s even more text to read if you click through). Here is just a smattering of ten great satirical headlines from the last couple of weeks:

April 27

Trump Blames Plummeting Poll Numbers on People Paying Attention When He Talks

“People are listening to what I say one day and comparing it to something I said on a different day,” the President said. “These are very sick and terrible people.”

April 25

Experts Believe the Coronavirus Could Be Defeated with the Twenty-fifth Amendment

Although much about the coronavirus remains unknown, an expert said, “We’ve learned a lot about some of the conditions that enable it to thrive, like incompetence, laziness, and ignorance.”

April 24

America’s Four-Year-Olds Warn Against Following Trump’s Medical Advice

“Right now, millions of you are stuck at home with nothing to do,” the statement said. “Still, that’s no excuse to do anything that Donald Trump tells you to do.”

April 24

Trump Advises States Facing Bankruptcy to Borrow Millions from Their Dads

If, however, their dads “won’t cough up the dough,” Trump told the states that bankruptcy is “no big deal.”

April 22

Texas’s Lieutenant Governor Says Dying Not as Bad as Living in State Where He Is Lieutenant Governor

Arguing that “dying has got a bad rap,” Dan Patrick blasted the media for what he called its “flagrant anti-death bias.”

April 20

Nation’s Parents Fear That If Kids Miss Enough School They Will Turn Out Like Betsy DeVos

Parents panicked at the prospect of their school-deprived children becoming as ignorant as the nation’s Education Secretary.

April 17

Fauci: No Evidence That Warmer Weather Will Make Trump Disappear

“When the temperature goes up, he seems to get less lethargic and goes golfing,” the virologist said.

April 14

National Archives Report Someone Tried to Scrawl “Total Authority” with Sharpie on U.S. Constitution

“It looked like the work of a small child, but there are no school groups here because of the coronavirus and whatnot,” a security guard said

April 10

Fauci Refuses to say when it would be safe to reopen Trump’s Mouth

“We don’t want to make the mistake of getting overconfident, reopening his mouth, and creating even worse problems than we have now,” Fauci said.

April 9

Fauci Begs Pharma Companies to Speed Development of Anti-Narcissism Drug

Without offering data, Fauci argued, “Successfully treating one narcissist could substantially reduce the misery and suffering of millions.”

Borowitz definitely has Trump pegged!!

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  1. Yes, I had something from Borowitz’s. Can’t find it now. Will have to look into that. Trump truly is a daily show, and it helps to have cue cards on his misdeeds.


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