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Right now, the nation is reveling in the forbidden guilty pleasure of hearing the word “shithole” on national television. Hell, MSNBC just played a clip of Democratic Senator Dick Durbin using the word in his response to a question on the meeting and the actual utterance of the words. It’s like watching an uncensored show on HBO or Showtime.

But there’s something that’s flying under the radar here with all of the spotlight shining on the word “shitholes,” and the screeching howler monkey that said it. He made a follow up statement that settles once and for all whether or not the President of the United States is a racist, and whether other people around him know it.

Trump continued his little Twitler tantrum by saying, “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.” Ummm, say what? Not “Get rid of them,” or “Geddem outta here,” or “Kick the bastards out,” but “Take them out?” Whatever Trump’s actual intention was, anybody who has ever watched a mob or action movie knows exactly what “take them out” means. And we all know about Trump’s fondness for violent movies like “Bloodsport.”

But here’s the golden egg. When Trump said that, an unnamed participant replied, “Because if you do, everybody will know why you did it.” Nobody said “What do you mean by that?” or “what are you talking about?” It was so taken for granted that Trump meant “get those brown people outta here” that they automatically replied with the correct political argument to what he wanted. The very fact that they automatically understood him confirms that this kind of talk and conduct is nothing new or surprising from Trump.

Once again, Trump has stepped in it, and it is going to cost him in court. It has already been reported that Trump’s own words have been used against him in court. They were a noted reason in court rulings for finding his Muslim ban unconstitutional, for his administrations sanctuary city punishments, even for the lenience of sentencing for Bowe Bergdahl in his court martial. Trump’s administration just announced that they were pulling the Temporary Refugee Status protections from not only Haitians, but Salvadorans as well. What do you bet that those groups are in court by the end of next week, arguing persuasively that the lifting of those protections were unconstitutional, if for no other reason than because they were racist, discriminatory, and vindictive. And what do you think the chances are that those arguments will be agreed with by federal judges?

This is the only pale glimmer of light in the deep, dark well that we find ourselves in as a country. because of his piggish arrogance, and total lack of self control, Trump’s words make it not only possible, but probable that his toxic actions will be forestalled by judicial rulings. But tell that to the family of the next flag draped casket that is carried off of the plane at Dover air force base because local troops hung them up to dry when the shooting started. You said it Mr President. You own it.

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