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The Ring of Fire / YouTube

When you have a certain kind of pig, you can train it to root and nose around for truffles. It appears that the orange tufted boar we’re stuck with in the White House has been trained to nose around for loose change under the drivers seat int he car, and under the sofa cushions. Byt now, it appears that he might be nosing around for that change in other peoples pockets, and it might be good news for us.

Everybody with enough common sense to get out of the way of the 2:12 to Philly was rather surprised and shaking their heads to learn a few months ago that a mulit billionaire like Trump couldn’t even defend himself without a handout. While west wing and campaign staffers making $40,000 a year raiding their kids college funds and their own 401k’s to pay lawyers to defend them from their bosses shady actions, Trump was having his legal bills paid for by the RNC and his own reelection fund. And since he’s such a YUGE family man, he had the RNC pay the legal expenses for his dimwit offspring, who wasn’t officially even working for either the campaign or the administration.

But all good things come to an end, including soaking the suckers to try to keep your and your sons moldy asses out of the clink. The RNC announced that it was no longer using RNC funds to pay for the Trumps legal expenses, and Ty Cobb also announced that El Pendejo Presidente was going to be picking up the tab himself in the future.

This is not chump change that we’re talking about. For the third quarter it was reported that Trump had availed himself of over $1M in legal fees, and the RNC paid just over $136,000 for Donnie Redux. That only covers us up tthrough September, it is now November, and as more attention has been brought to bear on both Trump and Li’l Donnie, you can bet the costs have mounted.

This is why it’s important. The Republicans are facing an extremely difficult 2018 cycle. The GOP brand is tarnished, even among mainstream Republicans as Trump’s incompetence stall congress, and his promised changes are not coming. The growing number og incumbent GOP lawmakers, especially in the House heading for the exits means that the RNC is going to be called on to support new candidates without the existing campaign operation, and more importantly the existing donor base the incumbents have. The resistance to Trump has Democratic candidates coming out of the woodwork, contesting races where traditionally GOP incumbents ran unopposed, spending net to noting to retain their seats. And they’re also facing the looming crisis of having to support GOP candidates from vicious primaries from the right, supported by Steve Bannon, and most likely well funded through the Mercer’s.

Both CNN and MSNBC have reported on multiple occasions that GOP lawmakers have confided off the record to them that the main reason they are fighting tooth and nail to get this tax bill through ASAP is because they have already heard from their deep pocket donors that if they don’t get their tax cuts soonest, there will be no more filthy lucre for their campaigns.

To be blunt, the RNC is going to need every spare kopeck it can lay its hands on to fund these campaigns. Remember, their third quarter filing showed that they had shelled out $136,000 for Trump Jr alone, that doesn’t even count his old man, Reuters reported that the RNC had paid out more than $236,000 for Trump’s legal defense. Woth all of the problems besetting the RNC, you think they might not like to have an extra almost $370,000 laying around? And that’s just through August, who knows how much more they’ve shelled out in the last three months. Even if you just conservatively double that, that’s over $700,000 sent to the political showers by the RNC.

And the funny thing is that Trump is screwing himself as well. As strange as it sounds, apparently it’s completely legal for Trump to tap the suckers in taking funds from his reelection kitty to pay his legal beagles.But here’s the tub, in two parts. Trump is going to need money, he’s no longer a kind of Rodney Dangerfield joke as a candidate, come 2020 the days of free coverage by having his every rally covered wall to wall by the media are over. Also, nobody is going to take Trump for granted this time. He’s going to have to spend to run. Money he’s taking out now to pay his lawyers is money that he won’t have, either for his 2020 campaign, or to donate to vulnerable candidates in 2018. And here’s another one. Trump did the unthinkable, he announced his reelection campaign as soon as he hit the chair. If Trump can’t get his tax cuts for rich shitpokes through, he is not going to be high on the deep pocket donors Christmas gift list either. And, in 2016, Trump got a lot of small money donations. The problem with that is that is there is a strict limit that individuals can donate to a campaign in a cycle. If these small money donors keep tossing change into the kitty, they’ll be maxed out on their donations long before it comes time when Trump really needs them for his reelection campaign.

So, let’s hear it for the pig! The GOP was widely reported to have been beating the DNC in fundraising. But there’s nothing like having to toss good money after bad to even up the scales a little bit.

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