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Uh oh.  This has “Russian Bigly”  written all over it too.

by Robert J. Elisberg, Contributor — HuffPost — 08/18/2017


Okay, so that’s who Felix Sater is.  Well, as it happens, Felix Sater has been questioned by Robert Mueller, and the Financial Times reported that he is “cooperating” with the investigation. Indeed, according to the sources, “Sater may have already flipped and given prosecutors the evidence they need to make a case against Trump.

[…]  though it hasn’t gained national traction yet, however it was discussed that morning on Thom Hartmann’s radio show, where my friend heard about the article. He said the story presents a massive conspiracy bank fraud problem for the Trump family — pretty much all of them:  Donald, Eric, Don Jr., and Ivanka.  And it’s not based on rumor, but the article includes leaked emails from the Trump Organization — not merely talked about, but the actual emails itself.


The story concerns Trump’s involvement with a $350 million fraud over the Trump Soho Hotel deal (a facility he talked about at length on The Apprentice TV show — something which probably isn’t a good thing to have done at this point).  Basically, his partner in the deal had committed the bank fraud with the help of the Mafia, and ultimately with other money laundering sources in Russia.  And the leaked emails show that Trump, Eric, Don Jr, and Ivanka all knew about it, and even held a meeting on it.  And not only did they never report it to the authorities, but kept it quiet to pretty much shake down their business partner and continue defrauding the banks.

[…]  [emphasis added]

Here’s some more details on that Russian-Soho “Laundromat” Deal … when you drill into the details it kind of sounds like the “Art of the Steal”

Trump Business Partner Says That He And Trump Are Definitely Going To Prison

by Farron Cousins —  trofire.com — August 18, 2017


Transcript of the above video:

You’re probably not familiar with the name Felix Sater, but he is a longtime business partner of Donald Trump. Went in with him on investments for apartment buildings and condos. And, this week, he said, “I know that I am definitely going to prison.” But don’t feel too bad for Sater, because according to him, he’s going to have a friend there. That friend’s name happens to be Donald Trump. Felix Sater, again, Trump’s longtime business partner, has been working with the Special Prosecutor’s office. Reports tell us that he may have already turned over the documents and evidence to get Donald Trump on some sort of financial fraud scheme.

Here’s how this scheme played itself out. Earlier this week, emails were released from way back in the day that showed that Donald Trump, as well as his children, were investors in a particular building. One of the people who came in as an investor with them was a man connected also to Felix Sater, who was also an investor in this. But he had a criminal record for fraud overseas and in the United States. Under United States rules, he was not allowed to ever be a signatory on loans for these massive property purchases, and anyone who knew of his criminal past also becomes guilty of crime. This man did sign on for loans that benefited the Trump family, Felix Sater, and helped them buy these buildings, which the Trump family profited from. According to the emails released earlier this week, the Trump family, including Donald himself, was well aware of this man’s criminal history. Did not report it. Still used his name on loans. And thereby, according to the available evidence, likely committed a felony here in the United States.

[…]  [emphasis added]

Now we know WHY DJ Trump was so curious about whether or not

he could pardon himself?

Apparently even though Trump claims he “wouldn’t even recognize Felix Sater if he saw him” (an ex-business partner of his) … he does however remember taking money from these Mobbed-up Russian sources.

Imagine that.  Felix Sater already is.  No wonder he’s “cooperating” with Mueller’s “Follow the Fraud” investigation.  The guy’s gonna need all the protection he can get.  If this story ever gets told.

I hope someone leaks these new Emails of the “Trump Family” planning and scheming about their next BIG SoHo score — based largely on the ‘generosity’ of Russian-made-men.

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