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     You know, it’s funny how often peopletend to forget the old Walter Scott line, “O, what a tangled web weweave, when first we practise to deceive.” Or, if they do rememberit, they tend to just ignore it. It’s also funny to see that in agroup as secretive and conspiratorial as the Republican party, theyjust don’t seem to trust each other all that much.

     For the last year now, the Republicanparty on Capitol Hill has been ridiculing the ongoing Trump-Russiainvestigation, pooh-poohing it’s credibility, and claiming to be”shocked, SHOCKED’ by the implication that their Groper in Chiefcould have run his Presidential campaign as anything but the goldstandard of integrity. Hey! Anybody want a side of hypocrisy to goalong with their cynicism today? It’s on me. There’s just one smallproblem with this assertion. The GOP is full of shit.

     We know this by the simplest meanspossible. At least one of them told us out of his own little weaselmouth, only in all fairness, at the time he said it, he didn’t knowhe was makinga public announcement. He thought he was speakingconfidentially in front of close friends and colleagues. Theculprit was none other than the House Majority Leader, KevinMcCarthy. To quote an article published in the Los Angeles Times onMay 11, 2017;

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,”McCarthy said in the recording of a June 15 exchange obtained and published by the Washington Post. At that point,House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) cut off theconversation and swore those present to secrecy.

     Whoa! Now, California congressman DanaRohrabacher is kind of low hanging fruit. He’s been covered inKremlin pocket lint for years now. But Donald Trump? Their party’spresumptive nominee? Where in the hell did thatcome from?

     There are a couple of very interestingthings to consider here. First, this meeting occurred on June 15,2016. This was before any kind of announcement of poffible Ruaaiaentanglements in the upcoming election, and if you follow thetimeline, before the FBI even initiated its investigation into thepossibility of Russian collusion with any campaign. How would KevinMcCarthy know such a thing? Second, according to the reporting,there was no shock and outrage to McCarthy’s comment. There were acouple of groans, and some nervous laughter int he background. Atwhich point McCarthy earnestly said, “No, it’s true. I swear toGod.” Now, being an Irish Roman Catholic, I know that’s the bigboy. That’s the one you pull out when you don’t want to be doubtedany longer. You never toss in an “I swear to God” when you’re lyingyour ass off. So, it was not a joke inquestionable taste, as bothMcCarthy and Ryan later claimed. And last, Ryan showed no shock oroutrage, instead he cut McCarthy off and demanded secrecy. Inresponse he said someting like”That doesn’t leave this room.Remember, what happens in the family, stays in thefamily”.Apparently, this came as no surprise to Ryan, if anythinghe was surprised that McCarthy either knew of it or had theaudacity to bring it up.

     And how did we come to learn thislittle pearl from swine? Because the conversation was covertlyrecorded by one of the participants. Man, talk about honor amongthieves! Not only was it recorded, but the participant, forwhatever reason, decided to share it with reporters from theWashington Post, letting them listento the recording, although notletting them make their own copy. Why would this person dosomething that he knew would cause the conversation to becomepublic?

     So there you have it. The next time aRepublican says they know nothing about collusion with Russia,suggest they check with either Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy, theyseem to have gotten the memo. And one more thing. If, in the futureyou hear of either McCarthy or Ryan getting an invitation fromRobert Mueller III for a little fireside chat, I think you can takeit for granted that like me, he hasn’t forgotten this conversationeither.

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