Well, look who’s trying to get out of Dodge. From Mother Jones:

The billionaire Russian real estate magnate and his pop singer son who helped arrange the June 2016 meeting where Trump campaign officials hoped to receive dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Kremlin are looking to get out of the United States—or, at least, out of New Jersey.

Aras Agalarov, who in 2013 received an Order of Honor award from Vladimir Putin for his construction work in Russia, last month listed a seven-bedroom, 10 bathroom, French-manor style home he owns in Alpine, New Jersey, fully-furnished. People involved in the sale said a buyer signed a contract to purchase the home last week, for just under the $6,900,000 asking price, though the sale is still pending. That’s a whopping discount from the $9.3 million Agalarov paid in 2005 for what Sotheby’s touted as a “stunning private oasis.”

Aras Agalarov’s home went on the market on June 15—about three weeks before the Times, in a series of reports, broke the news of the meeting. Sometime in June, the Trump camp learned that the Agalarov-brokered meeting would probably become public as a result of Kushner filing an amended security clearance form that listed the meeting. (Probably that same month, Trump Jr. hired a lawyer. A lawyer for Trump Jr. received an initial payment from the Trump campaign on June 27.)


Yup — went on the market right around the same moment that the Trump Campaign started paying for Donnie Jr.’s lawyers.

Here are a couple more photos of the Agalarov New Jersey estate:



Fully furnished suggests they’re in a bit of a rush. Hmmmm. Why on earth would the Agalarov family be in a hurry to get out of the U.S.?

Silver lining: at least it shouldn’t be hard to unload on some other Russian oligarch.

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