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Since no legitimate poll would show that Trump is considered a better President than Obama, the RNC has decided to run a poll of its own, the Inaugural Year Approval Poll on its website, In the poll it asks about the performance of Trump and of Obama and about the news media coverage of Trump.

To start with, the poll is not legitimate since it runs on a website sympathetic to the Trump and the GOP. It would be like running a poll on The Trump Impeachment asking about the approval of Trump. Of course, that poll would show strong disapproval of Trump. Trump supporters aren’t regular readers.

Although they have selection bias working in their favor, the designers of the poll seemed to have been worried about getting the results they wanted, so they decided to go one step further and rig the questions. Here is the question on media coverage of Trump:

Do you believe the Fake News Media will fairly cover President Trump’s first year approval rating?

This is a leading question and is mistake #1 to be avoided on SurveryTown’s list of 10 Examples Of Biased Survey Questions. From that page: “You don’t want to word a survey question in a way that will sway your reader to a particular side. To do this, you must use neutral wording.” By using non-neutral working and calling it the “Fake” news media, it clearly sways the reader against believing they will “fairly” cover Trump.

But it gets worse and more deliberate. So worse, that even the simplest of Trump supporters would likely spot this flaw. Here are the questions on rating Trump and Obama:

This is a f*cking joke (and is also flaw #8 on 10 Examples Of Biased Survey Questions).  There are 4 possible answers to the Trump question and 5 answers to the Obama question. On the Trump question, the negative answer of “Poor” is omitted. You can’t even express disapproval of Trump unless you want to lump it in the meaningless, catch-all answer of “Other”. Of course, the “Poor” option is there for Obama. I’m surprised it isn’t listed first.

This is just the latest example of Trump manipulation and total disregard for established norms in any science, natural or social. I am sure the plan is to flout the results from this biased survey as the “truth”. And when they do that, it will be total bullshit, as anyone who has any basic knowledge of survey design will tell you. Of course, total disregard for established norms of truth is par for the course for Trump and his administration, who have some much bullshit flying from their mouths that we hardly even notice it anymore.

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