Trump Backs Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Involving Rod Rosenstein’s Sister and Deep State


Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) made the following observations yesterday about Trump and the coronavirus.

It has been rumored that Trump is going to appoint a Coronavirus Czar as Obama appointed an Ebola Czar back in the day. Your guess is as good as anybody else’s with respect to who that person might be. Right now speculation includes everybody from Jared Kushner, who is Trump’s knee jerk go-to person, no matter what the occasion (and regardless of how unqualified Kushner is, which is uniformly, no matter what the proposed position is.)

Now, in addition to all the cutbacks to necessary programs that Senator Murphy pointed out, Trump is on the warpath against Nancy Messonier, Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, and all she did was state the obvious.

As to the appointment of a coronavirus czar, nobody in Trumpworld knows, everybody is flying blind, per usual. Politico:

“I don’t anticipate one,” [HHS Secretary Alex] Azar said, when asked whether he foresees the eventual appointment of a coronavirus czar. “This is working extremely well. If it doesn’t work or if there’s a change, that’s for the president to decide.”

Following Azar’s session with lawmakers Wednesday, [Rep. Rosa] DeLauro scolded the secretary for his comments and suggested the president’s preoccupation with the state of the economy could influence his deliberation over a potential czar.

“It doesn’t pay to be flip in this environment we have today on these issues,” she said, adding: “Maybe the president’s concern with the Dow is pushing him to think we should have a czar. Who knows what lurks in the heart of the president?”

Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, a top Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, expressed some interest in a White House-appointed coronavirus czar, but cautioned against putting someone with a political background in the role.

“I’m not sure I like the idea of bringing in a political guy. If you want to bring in a health care professional, that makes sense,” Cole said. “When you’re in a war, you listen to your generals, and when you’re in a biomedical crisis, you listen to your doctors and scientists.”

The coronavirus is beyond Trump’s experience, because it won’t respond to a tweet and Mitch McConnell can’t manipulate it for him. He’s really out of his depth now. Unfortunately, the last thing America needs is to be looking at a pandemic with this moron in the White House.


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Like I’ve said before call in the keystone kops to handle this situation much better than these clueless bastards. The tangerine turdmuffin says wait for warmer weather so that will kill the virus. His report tonight should be entertaining, watching him tap dance around the seriousness of situation

He can blame himself. China’s economy is tanking. People are urged to remain indoors, avoid trains, planes, crowds, events. Small businesses that don’t have cash reserves are already failing & many are struggling. I read an article about the airline industry already being more disrupted then the days after 9/11. China tanks so do we. Our financials are intertwined with the other major countries. No wonder the stock market’s haywire. He’s already used up his tricks to make the economy appear stronger. Now what? The market lost over 1 trillion dollars in two days & there’s no tricks left in… Read more »