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Yeah, there’s the whole millions of toddlers having no insurance, along with millions of innocent kids getting deported—not to mention the fact that McConnell is steadfastly refusing to pay the military.

But the big question you should be asking is this: How will this affect Donald Trump’s golf game?

No? Really? Because that’s the only damn thing he cares about.  (  Even though he’s just set the record for playing golf with over 90 trips his first year at a 50 million price tag to taxpayers, he was REALLY looking forward to a well-earned vacation this weekend at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate his one year disaster as president.

The plan was for him to go to his party, eat chocolate cake, take photo-ops, have people fawn all over him, and then spend the rest of the weekend golfing.  (Apparently, golfing all day on MLK day instead of volunteering was not enough this week.)

Now he can’t go.  His temper tantrum and deal sabotage came at a terrible price:

“But my party!!”  What a whiny SOB. 

The today, he got really mad. And this makes me smile:

Yes. Donald actually thought he could sneak off to a party and play golf. 

But this really, REALLY made me smile:

Mar-a-Lago morons paid $100,000 for dinner and a photo-op with Trump for the Saturday celebration, according to an invitation to the event reported by Bloomberg.  Bigger morons spent $250,000 to participate at a “rountable” with Trump.

The classy thing to do would be to cancel and refund the money. But instead, the s***show must go on. 

Originally, the plan was for Mitt Romney’s niece—the bumbling head of the RNC—to take Drumpf’s place as the “headliner”, along with a smarmy casino magnate. However, donors were reportedly pretty peeved about that idea.

So they sent…….Donald Jr. and Eric.


I can’t even imagine.

Uber-wealthy people are among the cheapest people on the planet. They expect a return on investment. I don’t care how rich you are: I can’t fathom someone dropping a quarter million to sit at a table to talk with Donnie Dousche… and then be told I’m getting his even more dim-witted son Eric.  

Heck, you can talk to Eric just by flying first class somewhere, like this guy did:

Ew. How much NOT to sit with Eric?

There really are no winners in a government shutdown. But at least I got a chance to smile today at the Biggest Loser.

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