Trump reportedly lashing out at Mulvaney over bad press from shutdown

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Is there a worse job in the world than Donald Trump’s chief of staff? Maybe Trump’s personal bathtub attendant. Or the guy who artificially inseminates zoo gorillas? I don’t know. Those last two are essentially the same job, so …

Mick Mulvaney has been Trump’s “acting” chief of staff for a cosmic blink of an eye, and already the pr*sident is blaming him for everything rotten in TrumpLand.

Specifically, he’s been castigating him for the bad press that ineluctably stuck to Trump’s shutdown like white on Mike Pence.

From the indefatigable Gabriel Sherman at Vanity Fair:

Trump, so far, is directing his frustration with his slumping poll numbers at others in the West Wing. “Trump is blaming [Mick] Mulvaney for the bad press during the shutdown,” said [a] Republican close to the president. “He thinks Bill Shine hasn’t helped messaging, either.”

That is, he’s blaming Mulvaney instead of Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, who has reportedly been under fire from numerous Trumpites:

Trump’s plunging poll numbers in the wake of the government shutdown have raised alarms in some corners of Trumpworld about the president’s re-election prospects. “It’s a shitshow,” a veteran of the 2016 campaign told me. The person who is drawing much of the blame is Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale. “There’s a revolt against Parscale,” said the former official.

Meanwhile, the shitshow that’s already here is nothing compared to the shit-lavish-Broadway-extravaganza to come, at least as far as some GOP insiders are concerned:

The West Wing is also girding for Robert Mueller’s next move in the wake of Roger Stone’s indictment. “Mueller is coming soon and his report will be a damning case of obstruction,” the Republican said. “It’s going to be very bad.”

You don’t say.



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