Donald Trump’s lack of respect for women, particularly powerful women, was on full display before he fired former acting Attorney General Sally Yates. He reportedly sunk to a new low when he called the highly accomplished Justice Department attorney a “c*nt.” From The Hill:

An excerpt of Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” obtained by MSNBC contained the anecdote.

“Trump conceived an early, obsessive antipathy for Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates,” the book reads. “She was, he steamed, ‘such a c—.’”

One of Trump’s first actions as president was firing Yates after she refused to have the Justice Department uphold his initial travel ban that blocked people from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Meanwhile, Yates is still standing up for the career employees at the Department of Justice, calling Trump’s recent comments “beyond normal; dangerous.”

Indeed, this is beyond abnormal and extremely dangerous. Time and time again, Donald Trump has proven himself to be grossly unqualified and unfit for duty. 

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