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Fox News / YouTube

Trump must be feeling particularly vulnerable after the damning piece in the New York Times. It exposed President Trump’s hubris and blatant disregard for the dire warnings from his own intelligence agencies. He didn’t hold his COVID-19 infomercial again today, and he attacked Chris Wallace and FOX News after watching Fox News Sunday.

 “I think that people will make a judgment. They’ll say, ‘Did he handle the health crisis properly? Did he handle the economic crisis properly or not?'”

I think there’ll be a tougher argument [for Trump] to make [if] people are still suffering,” Wallace said. “In the last three weeks, we’ve had 17 million new Americans claim unemployment, go on unemployment. You know, that’s horrible, but politically acceptable in April. Is it acceptable in September and October? Probably not.”


It’s a whole new ballgame over there, without the softballs they usually pitch to Trump.

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