Donald Trump is not even one turn of the screw away from crawling into the White House bunk and muttering about strawberries.

When Trump ran into Christopher Ruddy on the golf course and later at dinner Saturday, he vented to his friend. “This will be investigated,” Ruddy recalled Trump telling him. “It will all come out. I will be proven right.”

“He was pissed,” said Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax, a conservative media company. “I haven’t seen him this angry.”

Not only is Trump obsessed over a conspiracy of persecution that includes non-existent phone taps, a cadre of “low life leakers,” and a press eager to display his every failure, he’s also being driven (more) snot-slinging crazy by the thought that he could be compared to President Obama.

Gnawing at Trump, according to one of his advisers, is the comparison between his early track record and that of Obama in 2009, when amid the Great Recession he enacted an economic stimulus bill and other big-ticket items.

Yes, by this point Obama had proposed, negotiated, renegotiated, and signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. That’s on top of getting the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed within the first two weeks of his administration.

What has Trump accomplished? Well … he wrote a bunch of executive orders, one of which has already been blocked in court, and he signed a bill making it easier for energy companies to pollute both the air and water. Hows that hatey-wally thing going for Trump voters?

Trump’s young presidency has existed in a perpetual state of chaos. 

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