Trump promised the stock market would crash if he was impeached – Nope, it shot up 7%

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How so tired are we of the crap coming from the Orange Emperor IMPOTUS? “As the House voted on articles of impeachment against President Trump this week, US stocks climbed despite the President’s warning that “they would crash.””

According to a report from CNBC this Thursday, the S&P 500 shot up nearly 7% after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally announced the impeachment inquiry into Trump.…

Starting with Trump’s inauguration, the Dow has risen from 19,827.3 to 25,075.1 — an increase of 26 percent. That’s impressive.

But it’s not as impressive as its performance during the equivalent period under Obama. Under Obama, the Dow increased from 7,949.1 to 10,572 — a rise of 33 percent.

In fact, the Dow’s rise was even more impressive under Obama if you start measuring at the market’s low point, on March 9, 2009, during the depths of the Great Recession. That day, the Dow closed at 6,547. Between then and Jan. 5 — a 10-month period — the Dow rose by a stunning 61 percent. That’s more than three times faster than Trump’s rise over the same period in his term.…

During his first two years in office, Donald Trump regularly pointed to the stock market as proof of his leadership’s effectiveness. Experts may have shaken their heads, saying that stock values aren’t an accurate measure of the country’s economic performance. But they are popular with voters, who check their 401(k) investments, and, thus, with politicians. Particularly since “presidents can have a major impact on the financial markets in the short run,” said David Kass, professor of finance at the University of Maryland.  And getting short-term response in stocks is much easier than long-term fundamental economic gains that can take years to bear fruit. If there’s an election coming up, juicing the markets is something both major parties like to do.  When it comes to talking himself up, Trump in particular has compared himself to Barack Obama. So, how do the two presidents measure up in terms of growth in major indexes, measured between their inauguration and May 31 of their third year in office?  The short answer is that Trump has quite a way to go. Under Obama, the S&P 500 grew by 56.4%. The Dow Jones Industrials Average was up 50.6% and the Nasdaq, 92.9%.  The numbers under Trump were 21.4% for the S&P 500, 25.2% for the Dow, and 34.2% for Nasdaq.
Obama inherited a recession and made it a booming economy. Trump inherited a stock market with an all-time high and brags about the stock market being at an all-time high.


Below the fold, we know the WH definitely made an official pause in Ukraine aid funds on 25 July 2019 even if there had been already a six-month delay.
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Every day that passes more evidence has been discovered and puts another nail in the box


President Obama created one heck of an economy, eh?


Statements like that are just the narcissist’s way to justify his own incompetence besides the sky didn’t fall in and the day turned into night, and we all carried on with our lives, the thing with trump is that it’s always about him, and statements like the stock market will crash just go to prove that point.
If he honestly cared about the economy then he would not spook the market and saying something like that is just plain stupid.