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How should the President respond after his nation is wracked by a week of deadly hate-fueled violence? With more hate, of course, according to Trump. Yesterday, the day after Trump desecrated his Pittsburgh victims’ synagogue with his presence against the wishes of Pittsburgh’s grieving survivors, Trump tweeted this ad, which  CNN called which “the most racially charged national political ad in 30 years”:

The ad — produced for the Trump campaign — features Luis Bracamontes, a Mexican man who had previously been deported but returned to the United States and was convicted in February in the slaying of two California deputies.

“I’m going to kill more cops soon,” a grinning Bracamontes is shown saying in court as captions flash across the screen reading “Democrats let him into our country. Democrats let him stay.”


Trump’s ad, while just as shocking as the Horton spot, carries added weight since, unlike its 1988 predecessor, it bears the official endorsement of the leader of the Republican Party — Trump — and is not an outside effort. Given that Trump distributed it from his Twitter account, It also comes with all the symbolic significance of the presidency itself.


The Trump ad also flashes to footage of the migrant caravan of Central American asylum seekers that is currently in Mexico, which Trump says is preparing an invasion of the United States, implying that everyone in the column of people fleeing repression, poverty and economic blight is bent on murder and serious crime on US soil. “Who else would Democrats let in?” a caption asks.
Watch if you have a strong stomach:

This is Trump’s closing argument for why Americans should vote for Republicans in the midterm. All who oppose hate need to vote against the hateful Republican brand this ad exemplifies.

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