Axios and Chris Hayes All-In show are going deep on Trump tonight and the extreme nature of Trump’s pressure on Sessions that we first dug into last night. Trump pressured Sessions three times in person and once over the phone to re-take over the Russian investigation. In doing so, Trump was asking Sessions to toss out all the advice, indeed demand, from the ethics lawyers at the Department of Justice.

Adam Schiff on the Chris Hayes show is now stating that the constitutional crises has arrived and playing out before our eyes. Many are too slow to awaken to it. The only reason to have Sessions bring himself back into the fold must be Trump’s belief that Trump can control the Russian investigation through Sessions. Man, there is a ton to dislike about Sessions, but that good ol’ boy decided he was drawin’ a line on Russia and cross it, he would not.

The Axios report also states that Trump directed Sessions to investigate and jail Hillary Clinton in order to “be a hero to conservatives.” This is what happens in dictatorships, they ignore the law, make it personal, attempt to assuage supporters, and punish political “enemies,” a term always used by Trump to describe political opponents. Let’s say this in a way that takes it outside the obvious. “The president has someone he doesn’t like because that person has been critical of him. The president tells the attorney general to investigate this person and “be a hero” by arresting him/her.” That situation alone crosses about four norms that were never crossed, not even under Nixon.

As a guest on the Chris Hayes show noted, “this better not become normalized, because if Trump does convince the public that the DOJ is all corrupt and should be ignored, we are sunk.”

I have faith that Mueller will have the evidence that will shock the public. It will be the only thing that keeps this country’s core principles alive.


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