Trump Presser: live from 19th tee at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster (play ‘Hail to the Chief’)

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Undoubtedly pimpage of executive orders as a GOP stunt to criticize the Congressional impasse and circumvent legislation.

More amusing will be whether Trump will mention the PGA Championship. Chances are he’s been watching golf all day and now wants attention. CNN is covering it, as is MSNBC and CSpan.

There’s a presser from the Trump golf club because optics matter: “Congress needs to stay in Washington and work this out. Now watch this tee shot.”


Date: August 7, 2020 at 6:18:05 PM EDT
Subject: WH Travel #3 – News conference at 7pm
The White House lifted the travel/photo lid and a 7 pm news conference was added to the schedule.

How long will he allow questions or will he follow the usual pattern of keeping pressers around 30 minutes. Someone should ask him about the superspreader event in Sturgis SD, among other things like how Biden is “against God”. It’s another stunt, pretending that he didn’t play golf this morning and that he’s doing work, even in reality there are two GOP fundraisers this weekend in NY and NJ.

Trump says Joe Biden wants to “Take away your guns, take away your Second Amendment. No religion, no anything. Hurt the Bible. Hurt God. He’s against God. He’s against guns. He’s against energy, our kind of energy.”


Feeds are up. Country Club members are attending the presser as an audience, complete with beverages in hand. AP’s Jonathan Lemire reports that no one was temperature checked. Looks like it won’t start until 730 pm because he’s always late.


Spreader event in violation of crowd size: remember this is the same venue to which Trump invited those bikers in the rainstorm.

One of the drunks in the back needs to pipe up during this, one of whom put his hand in front of the live CSpan lens (hey, it’s Jersey fuhgeddaboudit). Trumpo starts at 732pm:

Comes out to “Hail to the Chief” and the “crowd” cheers. Trump reads boilerplate, uses eviction relief (ironic for a landlord) to blame “China Virus” “Democrats are holding relief hostage” proposes to defer payroll tax. Trump doesn’t understand what he’s reading.

Mentions Lebanon and relief en route

Trump going sing-songy (child cries out in the background)

TVA “semi-public” labor kerfuffle “we’re going to do something about that” Trump tries to suck up to labor Apparently Trump hasn’t read the text before.

(Child continues to babble)

On Latin America and COVID (US Total resembles Mexico and Brazil) Trump claims “we’re doing well” more Trump nonsense about US hot spots. “heading down very rapidly” mentions AZ and FL. It’s clear this propaganda was meant to displace national news, and the only news was that relief funding stunt.

CNN and MSNBC went away, because of Trump spin, probably the “Hail to the Chief” did it.

More Trump bafflegab on testing, same blah-blah not matching reality.

Trump pimps executive order covering all pre-existing conditions and yammers on about lowering drug prices.

Trump goes back to reading is getting bored, this has been a campaign speech. Trump doesn’t understand “favored nation” regulations (he doesn’t note that there are many exemptions in terms of domestic production)

Now trashes Biden — audience laughs

(children continue babbling) Trump tries to make joke about “middle-women” — falls flat, tries again saying he doesn’t know who those people are -which is an in-joke for the country club crowd.

Trump now yaks about Portland, usual BS lawless rioters, agitators, and anarchists, trashes Portland mayor Wheeler “who surrendered his city to the mob” (he didn’t). Trump goes blah-blah “Portland is the roadmap” “Biden is a puppet” blah-blah. Trump distorts the narrative, then goes blah-blah about Minneapolis. Campaign speech.

Trump now has put 30 minutes in on campaign speechery MSNBC and CNN are still not covering it, waiting for questions, Fox News has not cut away.


Q: negotiations with the Hill?

Trump goes blah-blah attacking Dems. Trump brags about being sued

Q: Russian meddling?

“nobody’s been tougher on Russia than me” Trump goes blah-blah on deals with Iran and DPRK, does usual campaign speech tropes on China, etc… including blah-blah about employment numbers

Q: what do you plan to do about that interference?

“we’re going to look at it very closely” tries to deflect to China and imply that foreign powers will forge ballots

Q: why weren’t you more involved with Congressional negotiations?

attacks Schumer and Pelosi Trump says he’s “totally involved”

Q: why haven’t you spoken to Pelosi?

Trump punts

Q: where are you going to get the money?

“we have the money”

Q: you say the pandemic is disappearing, what about the people in the room

crowd boos “It looks like they’re wearing masks” Trump sucks up to crowd refers to fake news,

Trump sees it’s getting out of hand —  flees

not quite an hour.

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John Johnson
John Johnson


chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah it’s hard to get them to stay on that blessed red carpet. And we don’t even want to go to those Russian chefs.


Hey isn’t Limbaugh DEAD? I thought this thing was dead. He can’t stay dead., what the hell. His talking bullshit again dam this idiot sounds just like my toilet flushing. This thing was born a loser like trump, all mouth no guts. Maybe he to was picked on by bullies and like trump just took it without fighting back, cowards . Now both are nothing but blow hards C fake no substance failed RSVP.


There we go again spending tax payers money, spending 40 million in golfing, that’s after he said he would except a paycheck since he was super wealthy. Hell I would too. Do the math 300,000.00 per year versus 50 million spending just on golf rallys in four years. Playing golf while 51 million people out of a job and the virus milling 163,000.00 dead and he celebrating just a dumb ass loser. This thing is a failer or a DEMENTED IDIOT.


This is what Thug-1 has accomplished so far:
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