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The Devils in the Details / Flickr

Well, well.  Remember how Trump has been and continues to be mired in potential conflict of interest with his business dealings, and how trying to chase down Trump’s conflicts of interest has been likened to ‘catching smoke’?  He has been criticized for unethical behavior  and his Cabinet has been slammed on spending.  Ethics watchdogs have also warned him of using government resources for partisan political purposes.  Looks like Trump missed all of those memos.

Not only has he broken from tradition, but Trump is again displaying his “fascination with the trappings of power, and his blurring of the lines between his presidency and both his campaign and business operations.”

Here are Trump’s “glitzier” version of  Presidential medallions.  Looks like a cheap gift shop item to me.

“Ethics watchdogs are worried”.

I think that is an understatement, no?

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