Trump Praises ‘Great Vote’ Against Adam Schiff — Ignoring The Fact That the GOP LOST


Per usual, the projection is sublime in GOP-land. The party that screams “witch hunt” at the drop of a hat, just attempted a bogus censure of Adam Schiff. If you missed the back story on this, a resolution to censure Schiff in the House was proposed by Kevin McCarthy. Specifically, it was Schiff’s “lies” which were the target of McCarthy’s angst, those being his reading of the satirical account of the Trump-Zelensky phone call, an accident for which he apologized, and then his comment that the whistle blower had not been in “direct” contact with the House intelligence committee. This was found to be a false statement, because the whistle blower had been in contact with staff — but in any event, we’re splitting hairs here. If this is the worst thing Schiff ever does in office, he’ll be canonized for political sainthood.

In any event, McCarthy introduced the toothless resolution to censure, and it was defeated by the House 218-125. In a normal universe, that would have been the end of that. But where we live, in Trumpworld, somehow McCarthy’s failed fulmination was seen by Donald Trump as a victory. He called it a “great vote”

What am I missing here? Anybody? They LOST! And Trump tweets it’s a “Great vote!” This is beyond insane.

Kevin McCarthy is the one who made the famous statement about Rohrabacher and Trump being on Putin’s payroll.

Despite all this, Trump is still calling for Schiff’s impeachment. Great, knock yourself out Donny. The impeachment of Schiff will go the same way as the censure, right into the trash. In case it slipped your mind, the Democrats are in control of the House and the Senate can’t touch Schiff.

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The mango maniac is totally illiterate, if he even knows how to read maybe a quick brush up of the constitution might give him somewhat of a clue, but that would be to much to ask, why’d he start now. Maybe this would add on to the starting the 25th, lord knows there are so many things that have piled up just pick one

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Trumps is Americas’ real life Simple Simon. Cuckoo!!!!