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Democrat Ralph Northam is winning Virginia’s gubernatorial race big by the state’s swingy standards, and Donald Trump is not a happy camper. And when Donald Trump is not a happy camper, he lies to make himself look good:

Republican nominee Ed Gillespie most certainly did embrace Trump’s positions, to the point where, just days ago, former top Trump adviser Steve Bannon was saying “It was the Trump-Stewart talking points that got Gillespie close and even maybe to victory. It was embracing Trump’s agenda as personified by Corey’s platform.” (Corey Stewart was the uber-Trumpist who Gillespie narrowly defeated in the Republican primary.)

And Trump was tweeting his little heart out for Gillespie on the morning of Election Day … so just hours before that tweet above trying to distance himself. But face it, Donald. Gillespie embraced your agenda and he’s losing big having done so. Not to mention that Democrats are making gains in the Virginia state House. In short: You’re losing tonight. Even the new 280-character tweets can’t hide that.

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