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This story is new and breaking on MSNBC as I write. But I must get it out because you deserve to know the truth immediately, given that I wrote just days ago about Trump’s pledge to void/help a Chinese telecom company fined $1.2 billion by Trump’s own fking Commerce Department. I wrote – and you of course knew – that Trump’s “America First” promise comes with an asterisk bigger than a basketball, the one asterisk being “unless I get millions out of the deal.” We knew that Trump had a side arrangement.

Well, even I didn’t think it would only take days to get the news that the Trump “pledge” came only days after the Chinese government approved a huge Trump project in China. Obviously, that is why Trump momentarily had a “China First” promise, noting that he couldn’t possibly allow that $1.2 billion dollar fine to be enforced because, as he said, “too many Chinese jobs would be lost.”

Concern about Chinese jobs? When the company blatantly cheated U.S. sanctions on two countries building nukes to kill people?

Fines issued by the United States government generally go first to American people hurt by the company fined, and then possibly to the department issuing the fine, to assist programs to enforce regulations that brought about the fine. Often neither category fits, in such cases the money goes to the federal general fund. We likely don’t even want to know how much $1.2 billion could assist poor kids with cancer, asthma, cerebral palsy, how many elderly who cannot afford nursing home care despite desperate need could be assisted, or the desperately needed bridges and road repairs that amount could fund, could even go to science done to cure cancer. Yet Trump is concerned about the number of Chinese jobs lost.

By the way, each of those causes listed above, they assist with American jobs.

But, Trump had a deal made. How the deal got made, who the fk knows, because it wasn’t through official channels. If the smallest magistrate judge in your town or city offered a ruling in exchange for $1,000 – he’s be fired, and face criminal charges. The President of the United States can do it out in the open, because “the president cannot have a conflict,” Trump says. It is true that the law currently doesn’t require the president to declare and reject conflicts, but that is mostly because Congress and previous presidents never even envisioned the possible need for one, given the obvious principle.

I am so mad it is hard to write right now. I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors.

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  1. Why do you keep questioning the corruption and stupidity of this mafiose? It is the same story…rinse, repeat.

    Is there NOTHING in the US constitution that can rid you of this cancer.


    More fool you.


    • There is quite a bit in the U.S. constitution that can rid of us this cancer, and it all depends upon finding criminal actions, of which many of these might qualify. The constitution prevents accepting “gifts” from other governments, and if this was conditioned on quashing the fine, that’s a gift. That is why we keep “questioning” because there is so much to “question” – YOU explain the “China First” policy, and days after the approval of a Trump project. I’m sure it’s all either fake news, a completely innocent action or framing Trump by Hillary and the FBI – one of those is always to blame for all “bad” stories.

      Not like it was any different with Fox News and Obama.

      No, I’m no fool, and that’s why we keep track of the “same story” (corruption) different acts.

      Sad that a minority of voters in our country installed a corrupt moron like Trump in the Oval Office, that is the one thing you got right.

  2. Trump’s self-interests go beyond selfish intent. He is determined to make this country pay if at such time there is enough evidence to impeach him or otherwise force his resignation.
    He will go down, but will take as much of America as he can to discredit our country in the eyes of our allies as well as others like Russia that would gain in our hour of failure.
    He is not going down without taking as much as he can of what we hold sacred and dear. He has no compassion, certainly no attachment to the integrity of American ideals or principles of the Constitution, or the safety of our homeland.


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