Trump Plans To Send People Back To Work Against All Advice From Disease Experts


Donald Trump is very upset these days that he’s heading up a crisis, and calling himself a wartime president, even, and he still has rotten approval numbers and nobody appreciates the great job he’s doing.

Thousands of lives saved and nobody appreciates it. Of course, Trump isn’t able to show one shred of evidence that his dinking around with border closure when he did saved even one life, but that’s a moot point. At the very least, he should be getting praised like Dubya did after 9/11. Plus, and here’s the biggy, Dubya got reelected on the basis of being a wartime president. And Trump has decided that playing the wartime president card is the only way to save his bacon. Salon:

The lead-up to the Iraq war in 2002 and early 2003 saw the Republicans pick up seats in Congress, while Bush was handily re-elected in 2004 due primarily to being a war president — that whole “don’t change horses midstream” yarn. Trump is starving for some of that adoration now, and he’ll steal whatever he needs to steal in order to get it. Why? It’s what he does, and it’s because he knows that if he loses in November, there’s a reasonable chance he’ll be indicted for one or more crimes. The stakes for the president, as well as Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, couldn’t be greater. If winning means recycling the Bush-Cheney approach from the war on terrorism, he’ll do it. He’ll do anything.

Just in case American voters don’t particularly buy into the notion of a faceless microorganism as a terrorist-like villain, the administration is sending out the word that the human enemy in this alleged war is China. Breitbart News and Donald Trump Jr. are accusing China of spreading disinformation about the virus — and even accusing the World Health Organization of being on China’s payroll.

So if you’re keeping score, the COVID-19 virus is Trump’s al-Qaida, while China is Trump’s Taliban and/or Iraq. In fact, I keep expecting Trump, during one of his daily Trump Show episodes, to crumple up a photo of COVID-19, throw it onto the ground, grab the nearest bullhorn and announce, “I can hear you, and the coronavirus will hear from all of us soon!” Cue the Lee Greenwood anthem.

The other compelling aspect of what is going on, besides Trump’s desperation about his reelection campaign, is that he’s getting pressured day and night by business and media people to get the economy jump started again. And so he’s pretty much decided that it’s time to end what to him is a charade and go back to making money — no matter who dies. As he said on Twitter, “WE CAN’T LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM” — the problem being the economy, not the global pandemic. Washington Post:

“America will again and soon be open for business — very soon,” Trump said at the daily White House news conference. “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.” […]

“If it were up to the doctors, they’d say let’s keep it shut down, let’s shut down the entire world . . . and let’s keep it shut for a couple of years,” Trump said Monday. “We can’t do that.”

Trump predicted “we’re going to be opening our country” in a shorter time frame than months. He announced that the administration was developing new protocols to allow local economies outside of what he called “hot spots” of the coronavirus spread to resume activity and would make a decision at the conclusion of the current 15-day period.

Trump drew parallels to the flu season, which he said was on pace to be responsible for the deaths of some 50,000 Americans, as well as to car crashes — comparisons that Fauci and other experts have dismissed as examples of false equivalency.

Hey, you’re gonna die anyway, right? So what difference does it make if you die now from the coronavirus, so the economy can return to normal and more importantly, Trump can get reelected? What’s wrong with you people? What Trump doesn’t seem to grasp at all, is that if he stops the social distancing mandate, returns people to work, and they start dropping like flies, the economy is going to stay ruined, anyway. The economy problem is the corollary to the pandemic. The pandemic has to be fixed first, then the economy can go back to normal. But Trump can’t think, ever, beyond short-term fixes. Apparently he’s decided that since the world didn’t end in the past two weeks, the worst is over. Wrong.

While Trump has focused on the 15-day timeline, health experts said that is not expected to be enough time to defeat the virus’s spread. Cases in the United States are still rapidly increasing and have not yet reached their peak, but already hospitals are experiencing severe shortages of protective equipment and ventilators to treat the increasing numbers of patients. Because of the delays expanding testing capabilities, the country still does not have comprehensive data about the spread of the virus and its mortality rate.

Public health experts have strongly warned against any loosening of social distancing measures. Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiology professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and director of Harvard’s Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, said, “Now is the time to tighten restrictions on contacts that could transmit the virus, not loosen them.”

“If we let up now, we can be virtually certain that health care will be overwhelmed in many if not all parts of the country,” Lipsitch said. “This is the view of every well-informed infectious epidemiologist I know of.”

Fox News isn’t going to talk Trump out of this, because Laura Ingraham is one of the biggest proponents of everybody going back to work. “In one week we need to be heading back to work, school, stores, restaurants and churches with new protocols in place,” she said. This is who’s calling the shots, not the doctors, be they M.D.s or Ph.Ds, what could they possibly know that Trump and his cheering squad at Fox News don’t? April is going to be interesting.

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Trump has a lot of empty rooms at his hotels and golf courses. He may even be in line for bailout money. Somewhere in that Republiclown package is a prohibition on suing a hotel if you contract Covid there, I am sure of it.