From the Charlotte Observer:

Five days before the November election, a Russian billionaire’s jet wheeled to a stop at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Less than 90 minutes later, Donald Trump’s campaign jet arrived on the same tarmac for an afternoon campaign rally in nearby Concord.

Who was aboard Dmitry Rybolovlev’s luxurious jet and whether the planes’ near-simultaneous arrival facilitated another previously undisclosed Russian contact with Trump,his family or campaign associates remain unanswered questions.

and also Business Insider:

A private plane owned by a Russian oligarch who has ties to President Donald Trump and his secretary of commerce flew into cities where Trump was campaigning before the November election at least twice, flight data and photographs have shown.

Who was on that plane, both in Charlotte 5 days before the election and also in Las Vegas in Late October, you ask?  Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev.

Flight-tracking data reviewed by Business Insider showed that M-KATE’s (Rybolovlev’s plane’s tail letters) stops in Las Vegas and Charlotte on October 30 and November 3 are indeed outliers. [from it’s normal operation.]

Once is a coincidence, twice isn’t.  Twice in less than a month?  Really?

Add to that the rest of the Rybolovlev connection (Trump sold a $95m property to him in 2008 that he has since TORN DOWN.).  Rybolovlev owned ~9.9% of the Bank of Cyprus and then bought out by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in 2014.

Smells pretty bad.  Even though Trump didn’t meet with him in Charlotte, his kids stuck around.

“[Donald Trump] came in, he came out, he did his thing and he was gone,” Tallent said.

Members of his family, however, lingered in North Carolina for the entire week. Son Eric and his wife, Lara, made appearances in Fayetteville and Raleigh. Daughter Ivanka was in Charlotte on Nov. 2. 

The White House denies all of this, of course.

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