Trump on Obama: ‘They could impeach him’ … ‘they could’ve killed him’

My lord. Donald Trump would have made Sigmund Freud shart his brains down his breeches.

Yes, this was a … slip, of the Freudian variety. But, man, what a slip! And it arrives so soon after a Scottish fen full of “Obama could have been impeached” garble.

That’s not a word salad. That’s more like a word-hog-trough-full-of-circus-peanuts-and-premasticated-gum salad.

Oy. Someone lock this dude up. He’s not right in the head.


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2 Comments on "Trump on Obama: ‘They could impeach him’ … ‘they could’ve killed him’"

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Shoot him up with thorazine and lock him in the sanitarium for the rest of his life.

Mick owens
Mick owens

A real dirty one