Trump on investigation: ‘This is the end of my Presidency. I’m f*cked’

Attorney General William Barr says he is working to prepare Robert Mueller's Russia investigation report to be released to the public, with redactions.

If you haven’t heard, Attorney General and seemingly corrupt human being William Barr held a short and insane press conference a short while ago to announce that he was going to release the Mueller report. Barr reiterated the highlights of his four-page “summary,” answered a few questions dismissively and unenthusiastically, then left. The report is now in the hands of the press and Congress. Without much time spent at all reading what is available, many have quickly noticed that—SURPRISE, SURPRISE—Barr doesn’t seem to have been exactly honest about what is contained in the report.

This is sort of the opposite of what Attorney General Barr said. Then there are the numerous obstructions. In fact, it is the DOJ’s own direction—under Trump—that Mueller is following.

For as terrible a person as Donald Trump, Jr. is, he’s still no Donald Trump.

But here’s the reason you are reading this diary.

Luckily for Donald Trump, he’s pathologically narcissistic—so he probably believes none of this ever happened.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Doesn’t matter, Pelosi and Dems will do absolutely nothing about this.