Trump offers three lies and a truth in latest threat to veto anti-national emergency resolution

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In case anyone was in any doubt, Donald Trump renewed his threat to veto the congressional resolution against his national emergency declaration when it passes the Senate, which is overwhelmingly likely to happen in Thursday’s vote. Because, no, he’s not going to just go along with a congressional effort to block his signature temper tantrum. But the fact that Trump will likely have to veto it remains a noteworthy pushback from his own party, since Republicans control the Senate and could easily vote this thing down—but they won’t.

“A big National Emergency vote today by The United States Senate on Border Security & the Wall (which is already under major construction),” Trump tweeted Thursday morning. “I am prepared to veto, if necessary. The Southern Border is a National Security and Humanitarian Nightmare, but it can be easily fixed!” One lie about the wall already being under “major construction,” one truth about the veto, two more lies about the border being a national security and humanitarian nightmare and the wall being an easy fix.

This comes a day after Trump turned a Republican vote away from him by rejecting Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s attempt to compromise. So, yes, Trump can veto, but he has done himself damage in his party.

Trump also floated a new attack on Democrats as “border deniers,” who “refuse to see or acknowledge the Death, Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking at our Southern Border!” Gee, those darned Democrats, refusing to acknowledge Trump’s lies as reality.

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Trump: Just give me my goddamn money!
GOP Sheep: duh…oday


Death, kidnapping, drugs and …..sexual assaults, Mr President?