Trump made fun of Secret Service director’s looks, called him ‘Dumbo’

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I used to get teased at school because my ears stuck out. Of course, I was 5 — and the people making fun of me were neither septuagenarians nor the president of the United States.

Eventually, my head grew into my ears and I got over it. And my bullies probably stopped hectoring vulnerable, sensitive people because, well, they’re adults now.

But Donald Trump is special.

The Hill:

President Trump previously made fun of his Secret Service director’s appearance, calling him “Dumbo” because of his ears, The New York Times reported Monday.

The Times, citing two officials, reported that Trump called Randolph “Tex” Alles the name while making fun of his looks. The Times also reported Monday that Trump soured on Alles “a while ago.”

The White House announced Monday that Alles is being replaced by James M. Murray as director of the Secret Service.

Alles joins Janet Yellen and John Bolton, who were at one time or another deemed unfit to serve our country because Trump thought they were funny lookin’. (Eventually, of course, Bolton won Trump over with his unblemished record of cartoonish evil.)

Of course, I can kind of see where Trump is coming from. Personally, I never thought an ambulatory meatloaf would be our president, and it’s frankly kind of gross. But we can’t fire him just for looking like a flaming cylinder of shit. Not for a couple more years, anyway.


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3 Comments on "Trump made fun of Secret Service director’s looks, called him ‘Dumbo’"

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

But we can’t fire him just for looking like a flaming cylinder of shit.
Yeah butt, can we seal the shit cylinder, cover it with more shit, then put it in the pig pen and let all the other pigs just shit on it for two more years?

John R. Frain
John R. Frain

AGOLF TWITLER should be the LAST person making fun of someone’s looks.What a child.

Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

What Trump really needs is someone to punch his lights out. This turd thinks he has the right to make fun of somebody, when he looks like an orange pile of sh*t. Fat neck, birds nest sitting on an empty skull. And the intelligence of a second grader.