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Eventually, you knew it would happen. White men would figure out that their wives weren’t going into the voting booths and always voting the way they expected. WHOOPS! In fact, conservative concern about split-households has been on the rise in the midwest, in radio talk shows that talk about it on air, and messages about unity in the home. Sometimes, though, you just have to wait for someone to say it out loud.

The response? DELICIOUS.

Just wondering if he realizes voter intimidation is a crime. Oh well.

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  1. Should be a wake up call for wives whose husbands attempt to coerce them. These people really do want us to go back to the thirties and forties. Time to reassess your marriage. What else does he tell you to do?

    Of course we couldn’t have won WWII WITHOUT WOMEN BACK HOME BUILDING GUNS AND TANKS. But no man wants to remember it or hear it.

    • Not to mention giving birth to the soldiers, bringing them up and more often than not caring for them and having a home ready for them if they came back – burying them if they didn’t and keeping the family and home together. All of it while having a job – without drinking half their pay away – without beating their spouse with a belt or stick no thicker than their thumb.
      Why some Americans still seem unable to imagine a female president is something I can’t quite grasp.


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