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Paul Nehlen is trying to flank Paul Ryan from the right in a Wisconsin’s 1st district, his second attempt to unseat the House Speaker. Nehlen is a Breitbart favorite, appearing on Steve Bannon’s Sirius XM radio show, endorsed by Breitbart favorites like Ann Coulter and being featured and promoted in dozens of articles on the racist, conspiracy-heavy website run by Steve Bannon. 

Nehlen appeared on Twitter to promote a book he’s reading:

As Jake Tapper noted, this book was written by an “academic” in the Neo-Nazi movement:

Nehlen rightly suffered widespread criticism for promoting the book. Instead of removing the post and apologizing, he doubled-down on his Neo-Nazi rhetoric.

No need to share anymore of this guy’s racist crap, you get the picture. But, let’s take a look at some of the reactions to his racist rant, starting with Minnesota’s Deputy Director of Public Affairs (a Republican):


Of course, Wisconsin voters have an alternative in 2018: Democrat Randy Bryce is working hard to mount a serious challenge to Paul Ryan. 

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