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You know, as great as it would be if Doug Jones was able to pull off the upset in Alabama and stick it right up Der Gropinfuror’s ass, even if he loses, it’s a win situation, and here’s why.

Roy Moore is toxic, but in the current environment, he is a perfect storm for the GOP. We have all seen in recent days that the days of male dominated and condoned sexual abuse of women are rapidly coming to a close. And good riddance. You can tell how toxic Moore is by the number of prominent sitting Republican Senators who have jumped up to renounce Moore, and even threatening to expel him if he wins. If he wins, every politician running in November of 2018 with a (R) next to their name will be tarred by the Moore brush.

Which is why GOP incumbents must be getting ready to jump out of windows with Emperor Numbus Nuttus recent tweets tacitly supporting Moore by trashing Jones instead of patting Moore on the back. This caused cardiac kittens for GOP Senators, who were instantly asked by reporters why it was that the Moore accusers were so believable for them,yet the accusers of Grabbius Maximus in the White House were not believable. It also caused the White House version of the resident of the gingerbread house to screech to the press that the two had no correlation, and they better shut up ot she was “going to get them, and their little dog too!”

See the drift here? It doesn’t matter whether or not the Senate expels Moore. If he wins, not only are the Republicans going to be saddled with him, but Democratic candidates will be able to use Moore as a springboard to reintroduce the public to the Groper in Chief. The press already made that comparison, and it’s only going to get worse. The Daily Beast has found new evidence to put Tru p in a bad light. I  a new report just out, they reference an article in “Maximum Golf” magazine, which interviewed Donald “Mr Puttz” Trump. Part of what they got couldn’t be printed;

Donald Trump singled out a “young socialite” at his club at Mar-a-Lago by telling a reporter, “there is nothing in the world like first-rate p*ssy.” Editors note. The word was fully spelled out in the article, but some readers find it offensive, so it was a voluntary edit on my part.  

This reporting is important for the simple reason that the interview was conducted back in 2001, while the reporter was following Trump around Mar-A-Lago for an article he was writing. Thie show his fondness for that phrase as a description of women long before the 2005 Access Hollywood recording was made. Trump has also tried to bury his fondness in using the term to describe Ted Cruz after a woman in the audience shouted it out at one of his rallies. Remember my old slogan, “Once is an accident, twice is a habit, and three times is a fetish.” eldom has that last word been more appropriate.

By showing his support for Moore, and backing Moore’s claim that his accusers are lying, Trump has given not only the media, but Democratic candidates everywhere to drag him right back into the middle of the 20187 campaign, even without his name on the ballot. And more importantly, every time it comes up, it’s going to force the GOP candidate to either back Moore and Trump, and incur the wrath of an energized female electorate that is riding high with a number of high profile take downs to their credit, or they will have to disavow Moore, and by their connection Trump, and face the wrath of Trump voters.

In all of my years of being a political junkie I have never seen anything close to this. The old phrase was always, “This guy could fuck up a one car funeral.” With Trump it’s more like, “Screw the funeral, this guy could fuck up getting the casket into the hearse.” He causes more damage purely by accident than all of the Bond villains combined could cause with all of their millions, and all of their meticulous planning. Keep up the good work Pig Boy.

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