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At times, Rudy Giuliani has flirted with calling the focus of “spygate” an outright public relations campaign, but that is not the same as saying that the underlying facts do not exist. Now, some of the people Trump normally relies on as supporters – and damn the facts – are turning on him, noting that not only is “spygate” a public relations campaign, that there is no factual basis underlying the entire claim.

You have known that for quite some time, given we’ve been reporting it from the beginning. Some Trump voters may well be first noting a sinking feeling, some Trump voters are beyond reach, that is just assumed.

Yesterday, Shepard Smith took down the entire idea, as is well known by know. In a report from The Week:

Smith was not having it, calling Trump’s claims “conspiracy theories” that are “unfounded, not based in fact or reason, with no evidence to support them.” The Fox News host pointed out that Mueller is in fact a Republican, and emphasized that neither Trump nor the White House has produced any evidence of wrongdoing to support the president’s public accusations.

Shep Smith has a nasty habit of telling the truth to Fox viewers and going against the grain. The person who is not expected to turn on Trump would be “Judge” Napolitano, who also questioned the “reality” propounded by the president:

  [Napolitano] was similarly unimpressed with the claims being made by Trump and Giuliani. The FBI spying allegations “seem to be baseless — there is no evidence for that whatsoever,” he told MacCallum. “But this other allegation with this professor — whose name we’re not supposed to mention — that is standard operating procedure in intelligence gathering and criminal investigations. I’d want to see evidence before I made an allegation that outrageous.”

Last, and worst, to Trump, of all, a Congressman on several important committees that will ultimately determine Trump’s fate is no longer “on board” with supporting everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Trey Gowdy said:

President Trump himself in the Comey memos said if anyone connected with my campaign was working with Russia, I want you to investigate it, and it sounds to me like that is exactly what the FBI did,” Gowdy said. “I think when the president finds out what happened, he is going to be not just fine, he is going to be glad that we have an FBI that took seriously what they heard. … We run toward the criminality, but I would think everyone would want to know what Russia did.”

Keep in mind, this comes from Trump’s favorite “News Source” and a Republican lawmaker he needs. In other words, he’s losing.



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  1. STFU Trey Gowdy. Where was your concern for the truth as you “investigated” Benghazi yet again, knowing HRC had done NOTHING improper as Secretary of State? What about that you spineless jerk. Now that you’re not running for re-election you found your voice & you’re putting Country before Party & calling out trump as the liar he is. Too little too late. Your votes have increased the misery suffered by the poorest & sickest among us. May you be miserable for the rest of your life. A pox upon your house.

  2. There is no integrity, or conviction.Many repugs will have their hands tightening on their rip cord handles as November approaches.

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