Trump loses high-profile media fan over corona-incompetence

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No, not Sean Hannity. Trump could mail out smallpox blankets in Swiss Colony cheese boxes and Hannity would scold us for not being grateful.

It’s New York sportscaster Mike Francesa, who is seeing this American carnage up close and went on a righteous tirade on Monday:

“We’re watching one thing happen in our city on the 11 o’clock news every night. We’re watching people die, and now we know people who died. And we’re not seeing one or two people die now in our neighborhood. We’re seeing them die by the tens and twenties by the day.”

“So don’t give me the MyPillow guy doing a song-and-dance up here on a Monday afternoon when people are dying in Queens. Get the stuff made, get the stuff where it needs to go, and get the boots on the ground! Treat this like the crisis it is!”

In response to Trump’s suggestion that the media should look into the baseless and preposterous theory that health care workers are stealing vital medical supplies, Francesca lit into IMPOTUS:

“You go investigate that! You have your military, your FEMA investigate that! That’s your job! You’re in charge of this! If this is a war, they’re stealing your supplies, what do you do? You tell the media to go investigate it? What, and get back to you in six weeks or two months, as more people die on a daily basis? That’s what’s wrong here. There’s a disconnect.”

As for Trump’s suggestion that his administration will have done a good job if the final death toll is between 100,000 and 200,000, Francesca wasn’t having it:

“How can you have a scoreboard that says 2,000 people have died and tell us, ‘It’s OK if another 198,000 die, that’s a good job’? How is that a good job in our country? It’s a good job if nobody else dies! Not if another 198,000 people die! So now 200,000 people are disposable?”

Francesca was an early supporter of Trump’s, going back to spring 2016.

Sure sounds like he’s not a supporter anymore.

It’s probably significant that Francesca is in New York, the state that’s been the hardest hit so far. If other states follow suit, we may see Trump’s base of support begin to go away in April, with the heat.

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That was a good read. Humanity itself needs more people to finally speak up.


Good on Mike! It’s about time some of tRumps fans see him for what he is a murderer!